I know you’re very curious about what your favorite love teams did this Valentine’s Day! So read on to find out!

Single or not, tuning in to the love teams in the country during the season of love is fun. Personally, I love seeing how famous couple celebrate their February 14 especially when media would do their best to get on the juiciest detail. And of course, the kilig that comes with it is real!

With that, here’s what your favorite love teams did this Valentine’s Day!

Juanchoyce- Juancho Trivino & Joyce Pring

Juancho Trivino planned an early Valentine’s Day romantic dinner for Joyce Pring before her departure to Singapore for the events following the Captain Marvel Red Carpet.

Here’s Juancho’s sweet post and video of his early surprise for Joyce Pring in Tagaytay!

But of course, Joyce Pring kept up with Juancho’s never-ending surprises for her. And it’s the sweetheart’s turn to make the loverboy cry.

These two are ultra mega sweet even when it’s not Valentine’s Day, I stan!

LizQuen- Liza Soberano & Enrique Gil

Enrique Gil surprises Liza Soberano in a very sweet way. Recently, the couple gave out statements about how they shun expensive gifts in order to save up for their future.

Not only did Enrique Gil surprise his girlfriend, but posted a very sweet message that had everyone crazy! Check it out:

Liza Soberano, on the other hand, posted a simple yet genuine post on her Instagram account as well.

But of course, this couple’s Valentine’s Day is extra special. Because their new movie ‘Alone/Together‘ is showing in cinemas nationwide!

JaDine- James Reid & Nadine Lustre

One of the hottest love teams in the country has not only celebrated the season of love on the 14th of February. In fact, it seemed like JaDine has been spending the entire month in a special way in time for their 3rd year anniversary.

Here’s a series of the relationship goals photos that the couple posted this month!

This couple is always on fire!

MayWard- Maymay Entrata & Edward Barber

The sweet couple exchanged Valentine’s promises to each other in the morning show “Umagang Kay Ganda”.  Maymay expresses how she wants to see both of them grow and promises to support him in every step. Edward promises to his girlfriend that every day would be Valentine’s Day for their relationship.

Maymay Entrata posted this superb photo with her boyfriend:

And Edward Barber posted this beautiful shot of them with a very genuine caption.

GabLil- Khalil Ramos & Gabbi Garcia

And of course, one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day celebration yet! Khalil Ramos and Gabbi Garcia posted a video of their very romantic candlelight dinner date overlooking the city lights. Check it out right here:

Khalil also posted a photo of Gabbi Garcia on his Instagram account with a heartwarming caption.

And of course, Gabbi Garcia posted a photo of their date as well.

Ahhh love is definitely in the air. Famous or not, every couple out there should treat Valentine’s Day and any other day in a very special way to express your love for one another. Happy Valentine’s again everyone!

Which showbiz couple were you on the lookout for this year? Tell us what your favorite love teams did this Valentine’s Day! Leave a comment down below or send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to hear from you!