Let’s show some love for our local artists! Here are our weekly top 5 OPM artists!

If good music is what you need, we got you covered. Let’s welcome the rainy season jiving to some great songs, shall we? Here are the Top 5 OPM Artists for this week!

1. Calein

If you’re into good alternative music, Calein might just be the right bet. With their soft emo sound, this band is sure to cool down the temperature by a lot of degrees! Calein’s songwriting is exceptional and extremely personal. For example, their latest single called ‘Someone’ is from the vocalist’s own personal experience, which makes it so relatable!

Don’t be fooled by their colorful getup. They may look quirky but their lyrics can sting at times. You can go listen to their song on Spotify!

2. Better Days

Better Days really do make us feel like there are better days coming with their music.

In 2018, the four-piece released their first EP called ‘Nararamdaman’, and it’s really giving us the feels! So if you feel like you’ve been rock hard these past few days, I dare you to listen to them! My personal favorite is ‘Sige Lang’ off of the same EP. The song is just so chill, it’s perfect for those days when you just want to stare out of your windows and be a little emo, or when you just can’t control your feelings. You can find some of their amazing songs on Spotify, too!

3. Ysanygo

There are a lot of things that we love about Ysanygo, but I think that their charm lies in them being a family. As a result, their music is very centered on the family as well! The sibling duo, Ysa and Ygo, started off by joining a competition which skyrocketed their careers!

Their latest single called ‘Even In An Alternate Universe’ talks about being there for each other no matter the odds and also holding each other’s hands through the rough times. How sweet! You’d think these two are writing about one of their love experiences, but it’s actually about their parents. And that’s what makes their music so great! You can listen to some other bomb songs on Spotify, too!

4. Kurei

Want feels? Then feels it is! If you’re looking for music to drown your sorrows and cry to at night, definitely consider listening to Kurei! It’s always good to listen to a musician who is full of substance! Aside from singing, Kurei was also a fashion photographer! Explains why she’s so stylish.

Her song ‘Paasa’ is one song you wouldn’t regret listening to! It talks about figuring out how to end a relationship that never was. And she seemingly dedicated this song to jerks who like to give us false hopes when they never intended to keep us anyway! #Hugot it is! ‘Paasa is a song worthy of being used as a movie soundtrack, and if you’re planning to be a little sentimental today, this song might just put you in the right mood. You can listen to Kurei’s song on Spotify!

5. Arthur Nery

Arthur Nery… Where do we even begin? He’s so good of a singer that we don’t even have words. We would, a hundred percent, recommend listening to him!

One gem we found was his song ‘Binhi‘. Sultry, romantic, the song’s sound would deceive you into thinking it’s a perfectly happy love song. In contrast to this, the song actually means something else. He’s actually telling the girl that they’d still break up even if they force to get back to how they were, so there’s no sense in crying about it all. That all she has to do is stop crying and stay with him for even for a while (ouch!). With this, ‘Binhi’ gives us a sense of feeling similar to what we get when we are aware that something is nearing its end. You can listen to him on his Spotify!

This being said, all of these artists are great ones, and so their songs are too! They’re worth adding to your playlist, too, and we’re sure you’ll have them on repeat. What do you think about these artists?  Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.