ENCORE FEATURE: Weekly Top 5 OPM Artists

Get your fix of GV with an afternoon of amazing music! For this week’s top 5 OPM artists, we’re going hip-hop!

I said it once and I’ll say it again, rap and the hip-hop genre is not jejemon!!! OPM is OPM, and these artists proved they got what it takes to be known in the scene! For this week’s top 5, we’re setting you up for a list of amazing hip-hop artists whom you probably already know.

We hate to keep you waiting, so here’s our weekly top 5 OPM artists!

1. Just Hush

Getting us into the groove as we start this list is Just Hush! Are you the type that likes hip-hop but likes it chill? Well, you’ve just been served some international level music from a Pinoy artist! Just Hush’s amazing approach to using Taglish in his songs really gets you into it. He also uses slow, chill beats to back his vocals. And I won’t be lying when I tell you he has a voice you could fall for!

Among his famous tracks is ‘Maikee’s Letters’. And if you know who Maikee is, let her know she’s one lucky girl! This song talks about how nothing can stop their love for each other. You can visit his Spotify for more singles like this!

2. Because

Second on the list is Because. His name answers every “why” you might have! He’s cute as a bunny, but he pairs this adorable demeanor with a generous amount of swag. It’s probably the reason we love his songs so much!

My favorite one at the moment is his song called ‘Direk’. The song, as well as the music video, is so smooth that it would actually make you groove to the beat. It talks about finding a girl after the longest time and being determined to make her his. Check it out along with his other songs on Spotify!

3. Skusta Clee

Haters can hate, but you can’t deny the fact that it’s gonna take more than controversy to kill Skusta Clee‘s music. He has the talent, and that’s what we’re here for! Being a member of the famous rap group Ex Battalion, he has gained quite the popularity with his voice!

‘Pauwi Nako’ is one song you can’t help but sing (or dance) to wherever you hear it. Who can forget that catchy chorus? And, like it or not, you know the words to it. This song along with his other singles are available for streaming on Spotify!

4. John Roa

Spell ‘kilig’? J-O-H-N-R-O-A! John Roa is a former member of Ex Battalion, he made the decision to pursue his music on his own. It’s because of this that we now have the singles that melt our hearts away! HE has the type of voice that can make you swoon, which is probably why his chosen sound fits him so well.

Everybody has probably heard of the heartbreaker that is ‘Oks Lang,’ but my top favorite song of his is definitely ‘Taguan’! Who hasn’t experienced hiding your true feelings from the person you love? But the song tells you that you probably should confess, because you never know, maybe it’s mutual! Check this song and some of his other singles on Spotify!

5. Al James

I usually hear Al James’ songs blasting through jeepneys’ speakers! And frankly, I can’t complain. I totally see why! Al James’ music pairs his smooth chocolate voice with oozing sex appeal. There is not a better combination than this, especially when coupled with the amazing songwriting of topics like sex and love.

‘Ngayong Gabi’ is a song that you probably got stuck in your mind for days now. Well, it’s the type of song that you just know the words to, and you don’t know why. Check out ‘Ngayong Gabi’ along with his other songs on Spotify!

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