Are you ready for this week’s top 5 OPM artists? You better be, because we’re going for our all-time faves this time!

New music is good from time to time, but sometimes you can’t help but crave for the classics. Some songs and bands just grow on you, and these are ones you can listen to whatever the occasion is. They’re timeless! For this week’s top 5 OPM artists, we have your dose of go-to songs and bands we all have come to love!

1. Mayonnaise

First up, Mayonnaise! This band definitely gave a lot of colour to our lives just by listening to their music. To this day, whenever anyone sings “Jopay,” you know what words would follow! Mayonnaise has clearly marked their places in our hearts during their 15, almost 16-year run.

We definitely swooned over ‘Ipagpatawad Mo’! Forever a classic, this song talks about being apologetic about falling in love too fast. But you have to admit, our “marupok” hearts can definitely relate! Check this and some of their other hits on Spotify!

2. Kamikazee

It’s sad that Kamikazee already disbanded in 2015 and it definitely broke our hearts, but that doesn’t mean that their songs can’t live on forever! having been active for 15 glorious years, the band gave us songs that we had no idea would get stuck in our heads up to this day. The peak of their amazing discography opened with ‘Narda’, a song written from the point of view of an admirer of the famous Darna’s human persona.

For me, the best song yet and the most meaningful was ‘Huling Sayaw’. Who would have thought that this song was actually about the band? “May dulo pala ang langit,” it says, but we believe that legends live forever. Check out their songs for an awesome throwback on Spotify!

3. 6cyclemind

6cyclemind existed in the era when Pinoy bands dominated the scene. You can say that there was already foreign influences but in the early 2000s, Pinoy Rock was the ultimate bomb. 6cyclemind was one of the bands who gained mainstream exposure during that time, but it doesn’t mean their songs have died down. To this day, we still fall in love with their songs every time we hear them! Newer artists create renditions of songs like ‘Prinsesa’, but still, nothing beats how 6cyclemind did it.

If I’m gonna have to pick, ‘Upside Down’ may be the song that’s closest to my heart! It just talks about being in love, so much that just the thought of losing them makes you feel like your whole world is going upside down. Check it out and some of their other hits on Spotify!

4. Parokya ni Edgar

Parokya ni Edgar is just fool-proof good music. This band gives you the feels of just jamming with your friends in front of a sari-sari store with a bottle of beer in hand. And what more, their songs are ones that every Pinoy can relate and sing along to! Fuelled with street credibility, Parokya ni Edgar gives us their take on love, life, pain and societal issues in a way that sounds us. No pretence, no attempt at making it fancy. They just tell the story as it is, but somehow still do it beautifully!

We all could probably sing ANY Parokya ni Edgar song without looking at the lyrics, so it’s hard to choose a favourite. But just for this one, I’ll say ‘Harana’ is still, hands down, the most romantic song for me. It reflects the simplicity of a Pinoy’s life while still pointing out that we are capable of so much love. Plus, there’s really nothing better than a courtship song, right? You can always check out their Spotify for their hits!

5. Callalily

Lastly, who could forget about all the heartbreak this band gave us? Callalily has been making us cry for 14 years now, they seem to be an expert at it. Writing about love and everything it involves, the band has given us 5 amazing albums throughout the years. Growing up with their music definitely turned us into rockers, but we have no regrets! This band gave us songs that stuck with us and became the soundtrack of our lives.

I’d say the one that made me cry the most was ‘Pansamantala’. Why do they have to hurt us like that?! The song perfectly sums up what it means to be a go-to for the person you love. Never the first choice, but we still choose to always be there for them. How it stings! This and their other songs are available on their Spotify!

It’s always fun to kick it old school and listen to the classics! We hope these bands give you the good nostalgia you need throughout the week! What did you think about this list? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh!