Ah, the rainy season. People have been waiting for this after the scorching heat of summer is over. We bet you’ll love it more with good music from this week’s top 5 OPM artists!

We love the sound of light rain tapping on our windows and the somewhat cloudy, grayish vibe it gives. With just a cozy blanket, maybe some coffee and a good book or movie to keep you busy, you’d be set for the day. And there’s no better way to accompany this weather but with great chill music! Worry not, we’ve got just the right artists for you to listen to. Here are this week’s top 5 OPM artists!

1. One Click Straight

First up, One Click Straight! A very well-known presence in the scene, their synth-pop tunes are the type to look out for. One Click Straight gives us music that’s considered to be a breath of fresh air, so if you’re up for some new sounds, definitely listen to them.

Our favorite OCS song as of the moment is their latest drop called ‘Manila‘. It’s the type you can groove to, but it also gives you a whole different meaning through the lyrics, so don’t be fooled! Listen to ‘Manila’ and their other tracks on Spotify!

2. Malana

If the first band offers us synth-pop, Malana, on the other hand, gives us some good soul and jazz to listen to! The five-piece band from Manila was formed in 2017. Quite new, if you think about it, but their music is like a gem in a pile of other tracks. This being said, if you’re searching for good finds to keep as a staple in your playlists, we definitely recommend listening to Malana.

Their song ‘Misery’ has been appealing to us a lot lately. Though it’s a song about coping with a breakup, it also is loaded with all the angst you need! This band doesn’t play games when it comes to making sure their music comes off strongly. Hear ‘Misery’ and some of Malana’s other songs on Spotify!

3. Over October

Listen to Over October and don’t hesitate. This band is probably the perfect jam for any when and where! In the course of almost 3 years, Over October has given a new color to the alternative rock/pop genre. And their every song is a treat for the ears!

My personal favorite Over October song is ‘Wait‘. What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic. The song talks about how hard it is to wait for someone who can’t possibly be yours, but still, we wait and take our risks and never turn back! Check out this song and their other tracks on Spotify!

4. Reese Lansangan

Reese Lansangan is arguably one of the most prominent names in the Pinoy music industry. We’ve been listening to her for a good 4 years now, and her music never seems to grow old! And if what you’re looking for is songs for chilling, she might just be a perfect choice!

I’ve personally memorized ‘Grammar Nazi’ and ‘Exploration No. 5’ for their very catchy verses, but check out her latest single called ‘Jealousy is a Familiar Friend‘! From her earlier songs to this, you’ll never regret tapping that play button. Check out her songs on Spotify!

5. Keiko Necesario

Adding to the list of our bulalo weather playlist is Keiko Necesario. Her music with the sound of light rain is more calming than a cup of hot cocoa (although, hot cocoa might be good too!). She has the talent of lulling us to relaxation with her soulful voice and mellow tunes!

She has numerous great songs, but for starters, try listening to ‘Away From The Current’. We love how this song talks about just letting yourself fall in love even if you know you might drown because you know he’ll be there to rescue you. Check it out along with the rest of her songs on Spotify!

That’s it! We hope these artists help you get through the week being relaxed! What did you think about this week’s top 5 OPM artists? Do you know some great singers and bands who you think should make our weekly top 5? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.