Got time to chill this week? We got just the right music for you! Help yourself relax with this week’s top 5 OPM artists!

Things can get so exhausting sometimes, and everything is just so noisy. What we would do for just a couple of days to be stress-free, right? If that’s what you’re looking for, we’ve got just the perfect songs for you to zone out from everything else! Here are this week’s top 5 OPM artists!

1. Saving Sunday

If you’re up for a casual jam to chill, then we’ve got just the right band for you! Saving Sunday definitely hits it! They are an up and coming band formed in 2018, but when it comes to their music, they sure don’t play around. This 4-piece indie pop-rock band that can surely save your Sunday (or any day) with their music!

Our favorite right now is their single called ‘Comets’. It talks about being so in love with someone, you begin to see that person as a heavenly body! The metaphors used in the lyrics of this song are strong! We can only wait until they release more songs. Check out their Spotify!

2. Nathan & Mercury

A new name in the game, Nathan and Mercury is sure to give us some fresh sounds! Fusing elements from pop and R&B, this band is definitely a nice change in the palette because they have a unique approach to their music. For this very reason, you’d find their music sounds like no other in the scene!

They have released two singles so far, and we’re loving both of them! Personally, my favorite one is ‘Fools’. The harmonization and vocals in this song are undeniably amazing. Check out their Spotify!

3. She’s Only Sixteen

If we’re really talking about good music here, we wouldn’t forget to mention She’s Only Sixteen! Need I remind you, this band has been making solid art for almost 11 years now, and they have only gotten better in time. I’m pretty sure everyone in the scene has heard of them. Listen to their songs for an awesome trip down memory lane!

If you ask me, my personal favorite is ‘Magic’, but they have lots of songs you can enjoy! Check out their Spotify for their other singles!

4. Rice Lucido

Going from writing songs to singing official soundtracks for movies, Rice Lucido has definitely taken the indie-folk music to a whole new level! Her voice a mesmerizing tune, she lulls us all towards peace and quiet as we listen to her songs. What’s more, her music is extraordinarily good! Because of this, she experienced performing in large stages!

Her break out single ‘Dalawang Tao’ was used as part of the official soundtrack for Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s 2018 hit movie, ‘The Hows of Us‘. But if you ask me, my favorite would still be ‘Heto Na Naman‘, the one used for Nadine Lustre’s ‘Ulan‘ early this year. Go visit her Spotify for more songs!

5. Leanne & Naara

Leanne and Naara is the perfect rainy day duo companion. That’s the first thing we can tell you. The singer duo gives us easy-listening music, they type that would help you calm your mind every time you hear it. They’ve been active since 2012, too.

Would I be an old soul if I say that their first hit single ‘Again’ is still my favorite? I can’t help it! The song just gives you chill vibes plus the songwriting is very catchy. They have lots of singles you can listen to on their Spotify, too!

That’s it! We hope these songs help you relax this week. We promise that you won’t regret listening to them! What did you think about this list? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.