It’s hot, it’s cold… it rains while it’s sunny. The weather gets wonky, but we’re sure of one thing. These top 5 weekly artists are sure to be a great start to your day!

Sometimes we get bored out of our minds, and with the summer heat only getting more intense along with the occasional rain, we need some good music to be able to chill! Don’t worry, we got you! Here are this week’s top 5 artists!

1. Blessie Azul

We all want some dose of positivity to get us through the day. If you feel the same, Blessie Azul is a perfect choice! There’s nothing we love more than an artist who takes her hardships and turns it into something beautiful. She does inspire most of us very well! And although her song might sound romantic when you first hear it, the inspiration goes well beyond that.

My personal favorite is her single called ‘End Of The World‘. It sings about how we should make the most of our time before the world is doomed. It shows positivity in that even though (figuratively) the world might be ending and everything is going wrong, we are together under the same moon. Check out her songs on Spotify!

2. Jello Reyes

Watching Jello Reyes perform live is such a dream! I think that’s how you know that an artist is good. Not only that, but he also bases his songs on experiences and you can catch him busking around the metro.

I think you’re going to love his song ‘Anna’. The song is based on the story of a little girl who lived in poverty and struggled just to bring food for her family. Deprived of education, the only thing she knows is her name. She also grew envious about seeing other kids her age who has the chance to celebrate birthdays and eat good food. This song really makes us realize how lucky we are despite the challenges that life gives us. It tells us that we should still be thankful in life. Check out his Spotify and wait for his song release on Friday entitled ‘Rosas’!

3. Martin Riggs

Ever heard about busking? Well, it’s the art of performing in public areas for voluntary donations. Yes, I dare say that it’s an art. The great thing about Martin Riggs is that you’ll mostly watch him live, and you’d be lucky to catch him busking around the metro—just like Jello Reyes! Nonetheless, his music is worth searching far and wide for! Not only that, but he’s currently on a busking tour featuring other local artists in order to convey the message of normalizing busking in the country. Check out one of his busking escapades here!

You can definitely follow his social media pages if you want to know his gig schedules!

4. Submission

If you’re in for an afternoon of groovy songs and electro-pop music, we recommend that you listen to Submission! The quintet makes it hard not to dance to their tunes!

Our favorite so far is their song called ‘Chasing Sunsets‘. It talks about spending limited time with a loved one. If you look into the lyrics, you’d see that the song is somehow resenting how they have to “chase sunsets” just to have their time. You can also stream their songs on Spotify!

5. Pusakalye

Up for some cutting edge somber music that resonates through the soul? Pusakalye it is! If you’re the type who likes throwback emo songs, they’re definitely the right choice. These artists give us the best dose of heartbreaks each time and take note, they can actually make you dance to their music despite the tear-jerking lyrics. It might just be the reason their rise in the music scene is constant!

They are quite known for their hit song ‘Kapit Pa‘, but don’t forget about ‘Kulimlim’ and ‘Silent Treatment’. Their latest singles ‘Kuwento Ng Pag-ibig‘ and ‘Kahit‘ is also up on Spotify already!

We hope this weekly dose of good music solves your boredom through this week! What do you think about the top OPM artists we listed? Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below! Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter @UdoUph. We’d love to hear from you!