He’s cute (or wutevah) but perhaps what everyone loves most about Bretman Rock is his brimming confidence! Here’s why we should all have Rock-like confidence!

Bretman Rock has taken the internet by storm when he first rose to popularity. Dubbed as “The Baddest”, Bretman has been making YouTube videos, doing makeup, and has been collaborating with different brands to create makeup products. So far, he has done collaborations with brands like Morphe and Colourpop.

From being a Miss Universe host to creating his own makeup, Bret has had a lot of achievements. He made sure Bretman Rock is a name we would not easily forget! Just recently, Bret has been featured on the cover of Gay Times Magazine!


Bret’s content can range anywhere from makeup to burning his house with his science experiments. Over the last few months, he has been creating several unique series including ‘Crystal of the Day’, ‘Coconut Water of the Day’ and ‘Things I bought when I was lit’. But personally, my favorite one has been ‘Bretman, the Science B****’! These contents are very unique to himself and are very fun to watch, but what stands out most is his personality. Bretman is very unapologetic and unfiltered about who he is and what he does. He told PopSugar:

“If someone told me I can’t wear makeup because I’m a boy or lift weights because I’m too gay, then I will deadlift my a** off with a full face of makeup, with a blinding highlight, using my Babe in Paradise palette just as a big F U to their faces.” 

He’s a very spontaneous person and according to him, he loves waking up each day not knowing what’s going to happen that day. But he’s also a goal-driven person all the same.

We can all admire Bretman but I don’t think anyone of us can define the entirety of who he is. It’s as he would always say, “I do me.” And that’s probably what makes him different from other influencers. He keeps it real, and he never lets hate get in the way of his success.


Probably from his Filipino roots, Bretman is very family-centric. In most of his videos, we see him featuring his Mom and his sister Princess. And now his niece has joined in the fun, too! Of course, on the internet, people would always have something to say. But for Bretman, “If you’re not us, you’re not us.” Growing up in a foreign country, he never forgets about his Filipino roots. In fact, he wears it loud and proud every day, even taking it as inspiration for some of his work.

Why we should have his confidence

There are many things we can set Bretman Rock as a model for– his talent, his love for his family, and his drive. But I think that of all things, we should get his confidence. As someone who grew up always insecure, I understand that being yourself in a crowd full of people isn’t always that easy. Some of us would literally worry about people not liking us and therefore live in a constant state of always wanting to please others.

Watching Bretman’s videos taught me otherwise. One, you do you. Two, live to be happy as long as you’re not hurting other people. And three, other people’s opinions don’t always have to matter. In his own words, “You are what you believe.” So if you believe you’re pretty, then girl, you are. If you believe you’d be successful, then you already are! Lastly, not everyone will like you, but that’s okay. As long as you’re working on yourself to be better every day, you don’t have to apologize for the person you are (this is also a note for myself).

Everyone is beautiful, so we shouldn’t let anyone tell us otherwise. Let’s get out there and show that world what we’ve got! Do you also want to be as confident and unapologetic as Bretman Rock? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.