One wedding. One simple plan. What could possibly go wrong?

Love Wedding Repeat on Netflix

If you are a fan of Sam Claflin, Olivia Munn and Freido Pinto, well, you should watch their film on Netflix where they are mixed for a wedding chaos. Today, Netflix dropped the trailer Love Wedding Repeat, a rom-com fueled with wit and hemmed with alternate versions of the same wedding.

Surely, you’ll be touched how Jack– played by Sam Claflin– tries his best to make sure that his little sister will have her best wedding day. Unfortunately, he needs to juggle with an angry ex-girlfriend who’s an uninvited guest with a secret. Unexpectedly, he will be reunited with the girl of his dreams who once got away. Who will be not distracted with that, right?

This is surely an entertaining one! You can see it for yourself below.


Moreover, if Jack will succeed in that situation, what do you think will happen? Of course, he might be the one who’ll find a happy ending!

Love Wedding Repeat on Netflix

Love Wedding Repeat is packed with slaptick gags and certainly, silly fun! However, even it is full of misleading plots and mischievousness, this film will put that slightest curve on your lips. After all, who doesn’t want something entertaining right now? You can stream it on Netflix on April 10!

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