“If you really want it, then you can always find a way to make it work.” This is the mantra that TYKES lived by. But how did everything start for them? Let’s get to know them up close and personal!

TYKES is a band from Marikina who has been making music for a couple of years now, and we have loved them for their songs! My personal favorite is their first released single called ‘Backwards’. Under all the funkiness of the song and the catchy melody, the song is actually more heartbreaking than it actually sounds. If we delve deeper into the song’s meaning, you’d see that the song actually talks about confusion and the struggle of being in a relationship when you already know how close it is to breaking.

Unbeknownst to most of us, TYKES band had a very interesting start!


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Why TYKES? Well, the band revealed that it really does not have a deep meaning behind it, so sorry if you’re expecting one! Apparently, they just listed some potential band names and chose TYKES out of liking for the way it looked in all caps. That’s all. Simple! We don’t really need to fit symbolism into everything. Some kids just want to enjoy playing music! The elephant logo, though, is where the creativity comes in. A circus elephant in Honolulu was once shot after escaping the parameters, and his name was Tyke, explaining the elephant logo. Which is cool, I think referencing the late elephant’s life for something that creates new music gives them some edge if you think about it.

The 4-piece all met in high school. And apparently, they lived in the time when K+12 already was implemented, which means that they are fairly young. Nonetheless, the music they are creating is something comparable to those of age. They have only been active for a couple of years, but they sure can play!

Getting up close and personal…

When we love an appreciate good music, we couldn’t help but wonder about the people who created it! Not to worry, we interviewed the band exclusively so you can get to know each member better!

Josh is the band’s vocalist and rhythm guitarist. And he played a bigger role in the forming of TYKES than you think. As a matter of fact, it was his very own composition that brought the band together when he asked the other three if they could jam the song ‘Backwards’. Right now, he doesn’t have a guitar of his own, but he’s still playing with the help of his friend who let him borrow hers!

Christian plays the lead guitar for the band. And as with anyone who plays the lead guitar, I’m sure they have been asked to play certain songs. ‘Magbalik’ by Callalily is a classic request in our time. But apparently, there isn’t a single day that Christian wasn’t asked to play Paramore song!

Jiggy, on the other hand, plays the drums. Looks like a fun guy? He surely is! Not surprisingly, Jiggy is the “memelord” of the bunch. Must be nice receiving memes from this guy every time!

Lastly, Kevin or SJ plays the bass for TYKES. He apparently got caught off guard upon being offered to be the bassist as he was just new to the whole thing when he joined! He confessed he knew how to play less than 10 songs on bass guitar. Don’t worry Kevin, you have definitely grown into it!

Young and new

TYKES has released their first single on Spotify just this year which means they are relatively new to the music scene. They are completely aware of this. The band shared that they are actually still in the process of creating a sound that they can call their own. Right now, they are not afraid to let their influences bleed through their songs. And they are having fun playing around with the different sounds they can produce! TYKES prefer not to stick to one genre of music and choose to explore. And that is what separates them from other artists in the scene! If you love fresh music, this band is always going to have it.

Processed with RNI Films. Preset ‘Technicolor 2’

We have found the secret recipe to succeed in the music scene, and it’s something ever band tells us. Maybe because there is really no shortcut to success. Have patience and master your craft. This is what TYKES have been doing since the birth of the band, and although they admittedly still have so much to learn, the band is ready to take it on every step of the way!

We can look forward to more singles from TYKES! Right now, they are working on a new single called ‘State of Mine’. Who knows, maybe a music video might come with it! They also have a couple of gigs this coming July. Make sure to check out their Facebook page so you could be updated! Listen to their Spotify as well!

We certainly would look out for TYKES! Are you also excited for new music?  Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.