Don’t let them fool you, but the new Korean boy band is taking hearts with their boy-next-door visuals!

If you loved (and still love) the famous Korean group, BTS, then you’d definitely fall in love with their labelmate, TXT. TXT or Tomorrow X Together is BigHit Entertainment’s latest boy group. And just recently, the five-member boy group debuted with their first mini-album, ‘The Dream Chapter: STAR’. The group consists of Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai.

Last March 4, the group debuted with their debut single, ‘Crown’. Aside from that, the music video was also released and was considered a record breaker. In the next 24 hours after the Crown music video got released, it gained 14, 493, 378 views. That means that the group broke the record for the most views gained by a Kpop debut music video in the first 24 hours of release. JYP Entertainment’s ITZY held the previous record of 13,933,725 views on the music video of their debut track, ‘Dalla Dalla’. Even before their debut, the group’s debut mini album topped the iTunes album charts in over 44 regions all over the world!

Their debut track ‘Crown’ is a fun pop song with a dash of synthpop all over. The music video highlights the boys’ charms. But what we can’t get enough of is the boy-next-door vibe they’re giving off. Some fans thought that TXT’s debut is similar to BTS‘ debut, with the good boy nature feature. But this can only mean that the new group can and may possibly make the fans hot for them in the near future with mature themes. But aside from that, fans are loving them, given with the fresh vibe they have.

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