From her aesthetic to her own personal ideals—Nadine Lustre is adored by many. But what does make our hearts ache for the Multimedia Princess herself?

Despite being in showbiz for quite some time now, Nadine Lustre’s fame never wavered. It’s been almost 5 years since her breakthrough movie, ‘Diary ng Panget’, together with her partner, James Reid. But even after that, projects kept coming at her and she’s been shining brightly as ever. Fans have seen her growth not only as a celebrity but also as a role model in life. 

But why do we love Nadine Lustre? That’s indeed the question people keep on asking. Personally, I, for one, did question Nadine’s standing among the young celebrities we have today. I overlooked her, thinking that the hype for Nadine was just magic that will last for just one night. But it didn’t. I was wrong. And I’m glad to say, I’m a changed woman, knowing that Nadine isn’t just a mere celebrity. She’s a personality. A lifestyle. And here’s why we should all ride the waves of Nadine Lustre’s ever lustrous persona. 


First and foremost, she is multi-talented. She’s not a trick pony. She had her own hit teleserye, ‘On The Wings of Love’. Starred as the female lead in several critically-acclaimed movies like ‘Never Not Love You’. Hosts and performs in noontime shows like ‘It’s Showtime’. She’s also part of an affluent music label in the country, Careless Music Manila. Has her own makeup line. And she’s the first Filipina ambassador of the global retail giant, H&M. I mean, she’s a face of a lot of brands in the country. And I think, that speaks for herself. 

No doubt, her rose to fame wasn’t a simple walk in the park. She started out small, just like all celebrities. But Nadine is setting a high standard for everyone. She’s taking the game a step up. And we’re not complaining! 

Fashionable and Fun

Nadine Lustre has graced the covers of some of the biggest magazine companies in the country. She even made back-to-back cover appearances in Mega, Preview, Metro, and Cosmopolitan among many others. Aside from that, she has a great sense of fashion as well. She sports a lot of OOTDs that range from cute, classy, sporty, and downright sexy. And if you check out her Instagram feed, you’d definitely love her aesthetic. 

She can pull off anything she wears. Adidas sneakers with a comfy dress?Chunky Fila Disruptors with mom jeans and a bandeau top? She can pull it off. Not only that, she’s not afraid to show off her unique fashion sense. Remember, Halloween last year? She went out dressed as HIM, the pompous, lobster-like demon villain in the hit cartoon series, Powerpuff Girls. And of course, she really rocked her costume. That’s Nadine for you. 

Go-Getter and Trendsetter

Nadine is the face of a long list of brands in the country. Let me remind you, she has her own BYS makeup line and a swimsuit collection with H&M. The release of her BYS makeup line, Lustrous, garnered the attention of her fans, thus, increasing the sales of BYS. While H&M’s Swimsuit Essentials by Nadine Lustre is a ticking timebomb itself. Fans are clearly waiting for the drop of her swimsuit line in all H&M stores nationwide. Why? Because Nadine just gave us the inspiration of wearing one this coming summer. I mean, she’s that influential.

In addition to that, Nadine knows what she wants. And really goes for it. Just recently, her latest movie ‘Ulan‘ premiered and it is not your typical romance movie. Aside from that, she’s busy with the shoot for the Indak movie with Sam Concepcion. And it is confirmed that she’s going to be in a super party with Dua Lipa herself! She has a lot in her plate but she’s still hustling. You go, girl!

Unfiltered and Real

“I’m not their canvas. I am my own canvas and I’m my own artist. I paint what I want and no one else can touch it.”

In an interview in Metro mag, Nadine stated that she keeps it real. She’s proud and strong of who she is and she refuses to cower over the pressure of others. She oozes with personality during the interview and even when hosting or guesting. Being a celebrity is definitely daunting, especially with all the cameras and paparazzi.

But she admits certain details about her personal life. About how she endured and overcome depression after the death of his brother. About living in with her on-screen and real-life partner, James Reid. And even about the issues she encounters. She doesn’t back down and knows how to keep it professional. And Nadine doesn’t let haters and the public tell her otherwise. 

Miss Independent

And of course, she can stand alone. It’s true, Nadine and James are a package deal of some sorts in showbiz. But she knows what personal space and independence are. She has her own personal projects she works on that doesn’t involve James. In a likely manner, James has his own fair share of individual work too. 

Just recently, Nadine’s movie ‘Ulan’ premiered, with Carlo Aquino as his leading man. Even before the movie’s released, it surprised everyone that James won’t be the male lead. However, James shows support for Nadine’s endeavor and aspirations in her career. So you can say that Nadine can be of her own when it comes to projects like films. And we stan a woman who knows how to stand on her own two feet. Way to go, Naddie!

You might think that the fanbase is exaggerating for their love for Nadine. But I tell you, once you’ve boarded the fanbase, there’s no going back. Idolizing Nadine may seem pretentious to some but that girl is going places. And fans are just psyched for her success. She’s a great role model for every woman and she knows her worth in this world. 

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