As part of our Women’s Month celebration, we will be taking a quick look at YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki. Yes, an extraordinary woman, who is also a mother of five children, runs Google’s video platform.

Susan Wojcicki is responsible for many of Google’s successes besides the wise decision to acquire YouTube. In fact, Google might not have made it through its rough early years without the help of Wojcicki.

Google’s Early Years with Susan Wojcicki

Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin rented the garage from Wojcicki in Menlo Park where the company first took its first steps towards being one of the most valued companies of today. Wojcicki was also responsible for Google’s marketing campaigns during its infancy.

Susan Wojcicki did not actually jump to a Google employment. She was the search engine giant’s 16th employee, making her one of the pioneers. Google Adsense, which is considered to be the company’s second largest source of revenue, was also developed by Wojcicki.

If you love watching music videos of your favorite local artists or simply use YouTube to kill boredom, you have Wojcicki to thank. She actually spearheaded the acquisition of YouTube, which was Google Video’s competitor at the time. You’ll miss a lot of cat videos and be oblivious to the fact that All Star from Smash Mouth has been made into a YouTube meme, generating hundreds of parodies if it weren’t for Wojcicki.

If those achievements aren’t enough for you to truly admire her, you should know that TIME named Wojcicki as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in 2015. TIME also called her, “the most powerful woman on the internet”, because her Google Analytics, Google AdSense and YouTube projects led to many businesses rise and fall in Internet marketing. Both small and big businesses earning money online has Wojcicki to thank.

YouTube content creators who earn a living through their videos should also thank Wojcicki. She constantly communicates with content creators to make it easier for both sides.

Wojcicki has also expressed interest in virtual reality as the next big step for YouTube. Hopefully, we will get to see 360-videos of our local artists’ gigs and concerts in the near future.

“The most powerful woman on the internet”

YouTube CEO and a Mother at the Same Time

Seeing as being a mom did not stop her from making these glorious achievements for the Internet as a whole, Wojcicki is actually an advocate of a work and life balance.

Here in the Philippines, the Senate recently approved the 120-day maternal leave. Google has 18 weeks for parental leave which is just a bit more than what we have. Wojcicki is pushing for longer, mandated parental leaves to give parents more time for their family.

Instead of working endless hours, Wojcicki actually makes it a promise to come home to her family by 6:00 PM for dinner. She is actually quite the opposite of former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer who took only a two-week parental leave. Both are still outstanding women in the tech industry no matter what their perspectives are.

You can always contribute to society no matter what gender you have. Susan Wojcicki is one of the best examples there is that a gender or role does not define success.

Find out how to pronounce her name through the video below. We know it’s hard at first glance.

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