Looking for more great shows? Here’s what you can watch on Netflix this coming April! 

If you’re almost done with what Netflix released this March, don’t worry because Netflix will add a plenty of new content! From expecting the return of the famous robbers from Money Heist, witnessing the premiere of Mindy Kaling’s new series, Never Have I Ever and many more of Netflix’s noteworthy shows!

Check out the list of the shows below to know more about what Netflix has to offer this coming April.

Top Picks This April

After we have seen the major cliffhanger Season 3 of Money heist, finally we’ll be appeased by the upcoming season this week! Aside from that, Lee Min Ho will return with his new series together with the leading lady from Goblin, Ji Eun-tak with their romantic fantasy drama with just only a matter of time. Stay tune for more update with The King: Eternal Monarch.

More so, netflix will also serve us the story of Devi from Never Have I Ever, and let’s be thrilled also with Extracurricular series this April 9! If you’re a fan of one of the Avenger’s actor, Chris Hemsworth is back for another fearless film that can be stream on Netflix! Extraction is an action-packed, edge-of-your-seat thriller directed by Sam Hargrave on April 24!

And there’s another hit movie form Korea will be on our screen this April on Netflix. Time to Hunt is a story of an ex-convict who wants to live in a clean slate with his friends but their excitement is short-lived as a stranger chases after them. Can these best friends get away from the hunt? Stay tuned for more updates as Netflix will announce the premiere date!

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Netflix Films You Can’t Miss

Sometimes, we want to intervene with the relationships of our parents, right? Netflix will bring us an action-comedy about forging unexpected bonds. Coffee and Kareem is surely an entertaining one and it will premiere on April 3! Moreover, we all know that  “Money Heist” sparked a wave of enthusiasm among us and the whole world has been hooked to this series. That’s why Netflix launched a special film, Money Heist: The Phenomenon. This premieres on April 3 together with the return of the Season 4 of Money Heist!

Netflix will also bring us SergioTiger Tail and Love Wedding Repeat with Sam Claflin from Me Before You. Another film that you can enjoy with the little ones? Here’s The Willoughbys children who contemplated a plan in living with their own and send their selfish parents on vacation. This series will open our to the true meaning of family! Catch this movie on Netflix on April 22!

Must-Watch Original Series

The comedy-drama, After Life will return where we will see Tony as he tries to become a better friend and as they grapple with the looming threat about the local newspaper being shut down. Witness everything on its second season on April 24! Of course, The Last Kingdom unveils their fourth season with Edward and Aethel spar over the future of Mercia on April 26. 

Wait for these fresh series with a combination of fun and thrill as Netflix will bring you Outer Banks on April 15, The Midnight Gospel April 20 and Absurb planet on April 22! Aren’t they overwhelming?

Studio Ghibli Magic

A big fan of the films from Studio Ghibli? Wait for more just fewer days because the final seven movies will be available on April first! Binge at your leisure the following movies at Studio Ghibli library. Netflix will bring us the amazing underwater adventure for all ages, Ponyo and the incredible adventure of Sophie with Markl in Howl’s Moving Castle. To tell you, the story of twelve-year-old Anna who has her imaginary friend in When Marnie Was there will also serve on Netflix as well as the story of Jiro who became one of the most world’s accomplished airplane designers in The Wind Rises.

In line with that, Pom Poko and From Up on Poppy Hill will also be available at Netflix on April first!

Fun Fare For The Family

Looking for more shows that you can binge watch with your family while laughing and learning together? You can watch The Big Show Show on April 6 with the Former WWE wrestler The Big Show is out of the ring and will entertain us through the series where he raise his three daughters with his wife in Florida. Also,  The Main Event where the eleven year old Leo Thomson discovered a magical mask that grants him super strength and he uses it to enter in WWE competition. Too exciting, right? You can dive in Leo’s fun story on April 10!

Moreover, The Last Kids on Earth will return! Join Jack, June, Quint and Dirk as they set to find missing zombies on its second volume on April 17!

All-Time Favorites

If you’re a big fan of Justice League, here’s the return of The Flash on its fifth season and Super Girl will also comeback with complex situation on its fourth season! Make sure to check Community series where a tight-knit group of friends who all met at what is possibly the world’s worst educational institution, Greendale Community College. And Netflix will just drop Season 1-6. What’s not to like, right?

These plenty of shows will keep us bored free while we’re waiting for the end of Covid-19. Thanks to Netflix, we’ll be able to be entertained while we are staying at home during these quarantine weeks!

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