SB19 really did ‘Go Up’ as their music video reaches 1 million views on YouTube!

Fangirl mode on! If you haven’t heard ‘Go Up’ by SB19 yet, what are you waiting for? Go check it out right now!

Check out the MV!

Who are they?

SB19 is newest P-pop idol in town |


Who are these talented boys, you ask? They are SB19, the first-ever Filipino idol boy group. Composed of Ken, Josh, Stell, Sejun and *screams* my personal bias, Justin (refer to photo above: from left to right), the group had their debut last year on October 26, 2018, with their song ‘Tilaluha’.

These are their respective positions in the group:

  • Sejun – Main Rapper, Leader, Lead Vocal
  • Stell – Main Vocal, Lead Dancer
  • Ken – Main Dancer, Vocal
  • Josh – Lead Rapper, Dancer
  • Justin – Visual, Vocal, Maknae (youngest)

Trained under Korean entertainment company ShowBT Philippines Corp., these hardworking boys aim to revolutionize Filipino music by introducing their unique style and sound. Obviously, we can all notice that ‘Go Up’ was heavily influenced by K-Pop, but what’s amazing is that the boys themselves composed the lyrics for the song.

Recently trending on social media, they have been garnering attention because of their undeniable talent and dedication to their craft.

In a vlog uploaded on the group’s YouTube channel, we could hear Justin talking about how they practice their dance 30 times EVERY SINGLE DAY. This is to reach their goal of practicing for a total of THOUSAND times for their comeback. Just wow.

What is the song about?


ShowBT Philippines Corp

‘Go Up’ is a motivational song. It gives us all these positive messages like reaching for our goals even if it means failure along the way.

SB19 is practically telling us to try and try until we go up, like what they did.

Honestly, when I first heard it, it immediately got to me. It may sound cheesy but the song made me happy. SB19 is practically telling us to try and try until we go up, like what they did.

It is catchy; the message is inspirational; the boys are really good at dancing, and THEIR VOCALS… damn. Their dance practice video itself already has over 800 thousand views.

Watch their dance practice below! If this video doesn’t amaze you, hay nako.

(That synchronization, though.)

Here are some of our favorite lines from the song:

Kahit anong mangyari ako ay tatakbo
Patungo sa liwanag na tanging ninanais ko
Bawat sandali turing ko ay parang huli

Their success isn’t really anything surprising. When you have a bunch of talented people who are hard-working and charming, the results are self-explanatory.

It is also just amazing how they are being noticed by international fans, with some even requesting English subs on their Tagalog vlogs!

Our Filipino pride is honestly just over the top right now. Listen to it on Spotify!

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Who knows what else SB19 will bring to the OPM industry? We can’t wait!

Who is your SB19 bias and why? What do you like about ‘Go Up’? Do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us through the comments below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.