From reality star to cosmetic mogul, Kylie Jenner proves she can also be an Internet meme! Is there nothing this girl can’t do?

Rise and shine, everyone! Kylie Jenner recently posted a video tour of her Kylie Cosmetics office on her YouTube channel. And aside from making us feel poor with her gigantic office, Kylie also did us a favor by letting us hear a quick snippet of her singing.

In the last segment of the tour, Kylie woke up Stormi by singing “Rise and Shine”. Surely enough, it became the hottest thing on social media right now.

Catch the full video of Kylie’s office tour here:

Save the memes for last

And of course, this story wouldn’t be complete without showing the best of the best memes of Kylie’s singing. So without further ado! Here they are!

Even some of her fellow celebrities took the time to poke jokes at Kylie.

Despite being the subject of the laughs, Kylie joined in the fun by posting a meme of herself as the sun! What a sport!

Well, Stormi’s surely enjoying her mother’s new single!

How to deal with a breakup

It looks like Kylie doesn’t only have a niche for reality TV and cosmetics. Will we be seeing her dive into the music industry anytime soon? LOL. 

But all in all, she’s doing surprisingly well after her breakup with her babby daddy, Travis Scott. Way to go Kylie! In what better way to deal with a breakup than to become an Internet meme? We’re definitely taking note of this one!


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