It is a sad day for a lot people because Grandpa – from the YouTube channel ‘Grandpa Kitchen’ – has just passed away.

Narayana Reddy was a 73-year old grandpa from Telangana, India. You may know him from his cooking videos of enormous meals which he would give to orphan children for them to eat. Known from the YouTube channel ‘Grandpa Kitchen’, a lot of people love Grandpa and appreciate him for his good deeds.

Check out his most popular video on YouTube video below.

Those fries look really crispy and yummy, right? You should check out the ‘Grandpa Kitchen’ YouTube channel for more recipes like these!

Sadly though, news have been circulating this morning that Grandpa has already passed away.

Rest in peace, Grandpa

Because of this, a lot of people have expressed their sadness in hearing the news. Many people can’t believe it, especially because he just went live on YouTube just 6 days ago.

However the news are confirmed with another video below where you can watch the final journey of Grandpa.

We will be lying if we told you that we didn’t cry while watching the video. In fact, we cried a lot. This man was just so pure and wholesome and a lot of people think likewise.

Meanwhile, look at some tweets of netizens expressing their condolences.

Rest in peace, Grandpa. A lot of people are thankful for your existence in this world and the way you made it a lot better by bringing kindness to a lot of people, especially children.

You will live on in our hearts and we assure you, we will ‘mix well’.

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