Exceptional and beyond compare, Eddie Garcia will forever be etched as a legend in the Philippine film industry.

The shocking news of Eddie Garcia’s passing shocks the whole local showbiz industry. For many of us, Eddie Garcia or Manoy, had been a driving force of the Philippine film community. Particularly with both his acting and directing skills as inspiration to everyone.

Not so long ago, the multi-awarded actor and director suffered a neck fracture in a shoot. It resulted with him being put in a coma for almost 12 days. A video that went viral showed the accident he encountered during a shoot for an upcoming GMA TV series. Unfortunately, he tripped on a cable and fell. Despite everyone’s prayers, Manoy passed away just last June 20, 2019.

Eddie “Manoy” Garcia

Truth to be told, Eddie Garcia wasn’t just an ordinary actor. Even at 90 years of age, he was legendary and incomparable. Many of us would recall his versatility in acting, being in the industry for so long. He can be so many people. A gay senator, a delusional and torturous war veteran or even an old hopeless romantic. You name it. True, he’s done a lot of acting for villain roles. But despite that, he’s as capable and talented as he is playing other roles too. Be it either a protagonist, antagonist or even just a supporting actor. That’s how versatile he can be.

But now, all we can do is look back and reminisce the golden days of the 90-year old veteran actor. Who gave us the best acting in film for all throughout his entire career. Here are some of his iconic and groundbreaking films that showed his sheer talent in acting.

Hintayan Ng Langit

A rom-com film entry for 2018 QCinema Film Festival, ‘Hintayan Ng Langit’ became a hit to everyone. Together with Gina Pareño who plays as Lisang, Eddie Garcia breathed life to the character of Manolo. For someone who’s used to playing serious roles, Eddie Garcia can be naturally charming and comical in his own way. He makes it look easy as he charms his way through our hearts as Manolo and leaves us, both in laughter and in tears.


In the movie ‘ML‘, an entry of 14th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival, Eddie Garcia showed how gritty he can be. Best known for his villain roles, he took it up a notch in the psychological thriller Martial Law film. he played the role of a retired Colonel suffering from Alzheimer’s disease who thinks he’s still living in the Martial Law era. He mistook a visiting student as an activist resisting the Marcos administration and tortures him like what they used to do in the 1970s. It was nothing but a meaty role for Manoy who showed how frightening he can be even as a retired colonel.

Rainbow’s Sunset

And last but not the least, ‘Rainbow’s Sunset‘. It was his last film appearance after he passed away. He played the role of the protagonist, a closeted gay senator who came out to his family in his senior years. He decided to leave his wife and family to take care of his cancer-stricken best friend and lover despite the many arguments between him and his children.

Indeed, even for his last film appearance, Manoy was groundbreaking. He’s not new to playing gay characters, that’s for sure. But Rainbow’s Sunset became a way for him to show support for the LGBT community. It’s nothing but awe-inspiring, to say the least. How he played as Ramon Estrella was stellar, tearjerking and sentimental as it is romantic.

And those are just a few of his many films. Not to mention his television appearances and the numerous nominations and awards he got from acting. At best, we could say that Eddie Garcia will always be a classic in the Philippine film. Pivotal and talented, he always delivered a great job for everyone to see. And that will forever be ingrained in our minds and in all of his movies.

It was a good run, Mr. Eddie Garcia. A good run, indeed. And yes, you will forever be missed.

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