Combining the elements of love, and memory, experience the pain of being left behind with The Joyrides’ ‘Paalam’ MV!

Listen up, guys! The official music video of The Joyrides’ ‘Paalam’ has just been aired on Pinoy MYX! Now, this music video has been around for a couple of months now, and we just couldn’t get over it. Momentum Studios’ recent project was the conceptualization and production of this music video!

The Joyrides

The Joyrides is made up of Jerin Benedicto on vocals, Mark Bambico on percussions, Jet Gozar on guitars, Xyrus Judan on bass, Richmond Torio on keys, Melvin Cabanero on trumpets, John Aldrin Gaddi on the trombone, and Manny Cruz on the sax. Phew, that’s a mouthful! There are eight of them and this band has been a mainstay of music fests and underground indie.
I think what’s unique about this band is their optimization of wind instruments to get that nice, honest-to-goodness blend of ska background with a touch of brassy jazz and blues. I mean, how many bands have we seen perform live with these things, really? Their songwriting is quirky, yes, but it is still heartfelt! You can still find truth in the lyrics which means it’s relatable to the listeners.


‘Paalam’ is The Joyrides’ first single, but from what we’ve watched, we’re eager for more songs! The song talks so well about having to leave someone, knowing that they’ll find complete and total freedom when you leave.

Hindi ikaw kundi ako ang dahilan
Kahit sarili ko, hindi ko maintindihan
Patawad, alam kong sa aking paglisan
Makakamtan mo na ang tunay na kalayaan

This somehow reminds me of the classic “It’s not you, it’s me,” line. I’m pretty sure we’ve been told just this at some point. It’s not a good feeling, but sometimes we have to acknowledge that the problem does not lie in our partners, but in us, and that’s the reason for us leaving. Enough of playing the blame game, they said.

What’s in the music video?

The MV for ‘Paalam’ is also very reminiscent to the works of the iconic Asian director Wong Kar Wai, particularly his most famous movie, “In The Mood for Love.” Watch this original trailer for the movie and spot the references!
The music video showed a guy listening to the band playing live. Scenes of him and the girl being together were shown, only to be revealed towards the end that he’s only imagining things in his head. Or better yet, remembering.
The Joyrides are really not playing games when it comes to the casting for this music video. It stars Philippines’ Next Top Model finalist Janny Medina, and fast-rising indie and theater actor Anthony Falcon and is written and directed by Michael S. Bernaldez.
Like we mentioned earlier, this wasn’t exactly the first time we’re seeing the MV. Through an exclusive interview, we learned that it was actually premiered first last January 6 at Mow’s Bar. A second premiere was organized last February 23 at Cabin 420 that coincided with its online release on YouTube. Nonetheless, the music video is timeless! We still enjoy watching it, and it still breaks our hearts up to now!
You can also stream ‘Paalam’ on Spotify!

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