A New Imprint That Is Set To Usher In A Higher Frequency For  Filipino Music

Rebranded from Careless Music Manila and now going out as simply just Careless, the collective has officially become an independent record label and has introduced its first batch of signees.

Careless Music

Careless has steadily soared through the landscape of Manila with its homegrown talents that are both individually and collectively the best of local music. Now at the top of their game, witness the emergence of the all-new “Careless” as they set the bar even higher onto the next level, now, as an independent record label.

Careless came in with Manila’s finest since its inception last April 2018 as the slickest trap collective in town featuring a versatile crew, each carrying a fresh take in their respective genres. Founders James Reid and Bret Jackson aka KingwAw, created Careless with a goal to produce an international sound in the midst of OPM.

Working with the finest local producers and talents, the crew is dedicated to sailing the tides of OPM with an international sound all the way from its home base, Manila, creating music that resonates with the progression of hip-hop culture. Redefining the sound of this generation with contagious trap-infested beats, hip-hop sensibilities, and contemporary R&B, Careless made noise and eventually grew into Manila’s most prominent artist collective.

Entering the local music scene with their debut “Careless Mixtape”, we were introduced to their potential and versatility—from James Reid’s contemporary R&B and electropop vocals, Nadine’s sharp synthpop vocals, Massiah’s afrobeat sensibilities, to Curtismith, Astrokidd, Narez La Fuego, and KingwAw’s slick bars and traps.

And as they continue to raise the ante with their newest artist platform Island City with an “Island City Playlist” exhibiting a new set of collaborators and featured artists, the crew sets the stage on discovering and promoting upcoming and rising talents. And throwing the grandest and sickest launch party at Green Sun this year, Careless exceeds what a mere collective can execute—taking the flight to the inception of its independence as a label.

The Artists

Ending the year with a bang,  Careless features its first batch of artists during its artist signing event last Tuesday, December 10, 2019, including four of the OG crew—Bret Jackson aka KingwAw, Curtismith, Massiah, and Astro Kidd.

Let’s get to know each and one of them. 


Astro Kidd U Do U

Who he is: ASTRO KIDD is a trap artist based in Manila. He is known for his unique music style in music and fashion. Sending an open invitation to everyone into taking a deep dive into his personal story through music and fashion.

Why you should pay attention: ASTRO KIDD aspires to create more value in the world of music and fashion.

For fans of: RL Grime, Quix, Boombox Cartel

Sounds like: more instrumental-focused electronic beats, particularly the use of rapid high hats, brass and horn samples, and 808-style bass and drum samples.

Hear for yourself: Come Thru, Skyfall, and 150.


Careless Massiah U Do U

Who he is:  MASSIAH is a Filipino-Ghanian artist with dreams of taking on the world stage to represent the island in which he grew up in.

Why you should pay attention: The Dumaguete local has been described to be the most versatile of the bunch being able to switch up his sound from island music to hard rap whenever he pleases, giving his audience a plethora of sounds to enjoy as he showcases his loaded arsenal.

For fans of: Kolohe Kai, Positive Motion

Sounds like: A dream-like collage of romantic lullaby and self-awareness set to pixelated synthesizer R&B beats.

Hear for yourself: Extra Rice, Balenciaga, and Experience.


Careless KingwAw U Do U

Who he is: KINGWAW (Bret Jackson) is the resident A&R of Careless as well as an artist. The pop/R&B singer/rapper is heavily involved in the industry as he aspires to build the bridge between mainstream and underground artists alike.

Why you should pay attention: Originally an actor, Bret transitioned into the music industry to bring some impact and help in pushing it forward to the international scene.

For fans of: Zebbiana, Just Hush

Sounds like: One-third hip hop instrumentals (tempo of 70-110 bmp and structurally similar beats, sometimes using pitched-down vocal samples), one-third dance music (use of synth and hardstyle sampling), and one-third dub (low-frequency focus that is highly repetitive).

Hear for yourself: Extra Rice, Balenciaga, POB, I Ain’t Never Seen, and 150.


Who she is: One of the very first female artists of Careless, Nadine is already a well-known celebrity in the country; although quite unpopular in the area of music, her voice is one of the dominating assets in their recently released mixtape.

Why you should pay attention: She recently made it known that for this coming 2020, she will be focusing on her creation of music.

For fans of: VanJess, Ella Mai

Sounds like: Trying to dance through the feelings at 4 a.m.

Hear for yourself: I Like It, Summer, and Nobody.


Who he is: Being the chairman of his very own record label, James sets his sights on dominating the Philippine music industry as Careless, with him being one of the staple Careless Artist. He has successfully transitioned from being a highly sought after TV Personality into a well-regarded artist with his passion to push the industry and culture to the international scene.

Why you should pay attention: Give the man a mic and an instrumental and for sure, he will be able to create memorable melodies that we’d eventually sing our hearts on for days.

For fans of: Ella Mai, Pharell, Kanye West

Sounds like: Neo Soul, Pop, R&B and Chill

Hear for yourself: 16B, Summer, Come Thru, Right There, and I Ain’t Ever Seen.


Who he is: RAPPER. SINGER. SONGWRITER. BUSINESSMAN. One of the most sought after rappers in the Philippine scene, Curtismith delivers a new message of insight in his life, experiences, and business knowledge to those aspiring to vibe to a higher frequency into greater heights.

Why you should pay attention: Through music, he hopes to plant the seed of inspiration in the hearts of his audience to relentlessly chase life in its purest form.

For fans of: Tupac Shakur, Eminem

Sounds like: A cinematic melange of words about life, a quiet storm of experiences and truth.

Hear for yourself: Philo,West, and Snowflake Obsidian

Breaking Into the International Music Scene

Exciting plans are on the way for Careless in 2020 with more amazing individual projects to come and to introduce, accompanied by their very first international music festival, Overpass this coming March 7, 2020 at Oak Canyon Park – Orange County, CA featuring two of their main artists (James & Curtismith) that will truly start to shake the local scene. 

Learn more about Careless in its official handles: @carelessph (Instagram), Careless Music Manila (Facebook).

What do you think about Careless and their announcement? Who is your favorite artist among the signees? Let us know your thoughts or opinions by sharing them through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.