A huge congratulations to the new artists signed under Viva Records! Here’s what we know about these artists that you definitely should watch out for!

Viva Records has been signing new artists lately and if you didn’t know, it’s actually a lot! But not only that, the new artists under the label really do seem promising. That’s why let’s take the time to get to know who they are and why you should stop sleeping on them!


Starting out as a project band back in 2013 for the UST Soundcheck, FourPlay decided to pursue their passion even more. Finally, in 2018, the band truly got a hold of their sound and completed the 6-piece band. The very promising band is composed of Pio Bagnol (vocals/guitar), Tin Garcia (rhythm), Lawrence Luna (lead guitar), Bogart Calubayan (backup vocals/bass), Stephen Dela Cruz (keyboards), and Marc Jacob Pacifico (drums). FourPlay writes and performs songs about ‘Love, Hate, and Everything in Between’, which is the title of their first EP! FourPlay’s single ‘Sayo’ immediately got included in the OST of Kim Molina’s movie ‘Jowable’ right after they signed under Viva Records!

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Sleep Alley

The alternative rock band Sleep Alley is composed of Althea Pagdagdagan (vocals), Alyssa Pagaduan (guitars), Jude Daluz (bass), Gabe Tiano (guitars), and Kyle Tesalona (drums). Forming the band when they were in college, the members’ influence is drawn from their varied tastes in music. Sleep Alley’s debut album entitled ‘Sino Nagsabing Takot Ako Sa Dilim‘ is all about dealing with past experiences and how they affect the way you perceive the future.

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Cup of Joe

Although still in the process of discovering their sound, it’s not really a mystery as to why Viva Records took Cup of Joe under their wing! The boy band next door based in Baguio are fresh out of senior high and just formed the band just November of 2018. But their song ‘Nag-iisang Muli’ already won Best Regional Song in the MOR Awards 2019! Their catchy pop tunes really do has its way to the ears of their listeners.

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Banda Ni Mayor

MayorTV is not only good at making humorous parodies of popular songs and curating entertaining vlogs. But he is also a singer-songwriter! MayorTV, along with his band Banda Ni Mayor, released their first single entitled ‘Nakaw Na Sandali‘ that you should all listen to!

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This all-girl rock band is not only beautiful but are very talented as well! This quartet is composed of Kara Mendez (bass), Princess Ybanez (violin), Jeri Oro (guitars), and Gyan Murriel (drums). They first gained recognition during their showstopping audition for Pilipinas Got Talent Season 5 wherein they became a semi-finalist as well! Talk about extreme girl power!

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The Bed Bites

The Bed Bites is a 5-piece band with distinct influences of pop alternative sound. The band consists of Jany Ligutan (vocals, guitar), Ja Ayong (guitar, backing vocals), Jay Fernandez (bass), Don Davis Pido (guitar), and Neil Yap (drums). The band was formed in July of 2017 and they draw inspirations from The Smiths, The Cure, The Beatles, and Orange & Lemons.

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Color The Era

The alternative pop-rock Color The Era was just formed early this year and was officially launched in May 2019. Behind it is Ron Pangyarihan, and he eventually invited Tom Bacurio to join him. Their sound is heavily influenced by the ’90s alternative rock music. Their debut single ‘Hanggang Kailan‘ was released last May 9, a very #hugot song that you should all listen to!

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Jason Steele

You may know Jason Steele as “Kuya Steele” and for his vlogs. But did you know he is actually part-Filipino? Not only that, he’s a pop and R&B singer too! It was originally his mother’s dream to become a singer in the Philippines. But when she passed away, Jason went back to the country, discovered his Filipino roots, and pursued the music dream of his mother.


Jonas, Jeremy, and Jenzen are the members behind JThree, none other than the viral singing trio on social media! Their covers are a hit and loved by their viewers because of how they tweak the original songs through their renditions. Through this, they showcase their skills in music and their ability to apply their brand of music.

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Hey Moonshine

Looking for some old school rock? Check! But add it with some fusion of Southern rock, blues, and funk sound—then you have Hey Moonshine! Gian Sison (vocalist and harmonica), Ton Gregorio (guitarist), Carlo Ybanez (bassist), Shaun Hilario (drummer), Aris Sison (lead guitarist), Bryan Gatmaitan (lead guitarist), Angela Rivera (vocalist), and Athena May Sayaman (vocalist/guitarist) formed back in 2016. And decided to name their band after a popular alcoholic drink, Moonshine, that best represents their band since they are drawing back to their southern rock roots.

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High Hello

The music duo of best friends Mara and Jaycen through High Hello is actually based in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. High Hello was officially formed back in October 2019 when they finally reunited after years of being apart.  In November 2016, they decided to post a video of their original song ‘Konti Nalang’ which went viral!

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ILL Kamp Cartel.

You may know ILL Kamp Cartel. as Filipinos Illest Lyricists before. They are a hip-hop quartet composed of Jcrwn, Trist Cudi, Dice, and DoubleZero. They began way back 2007 and their latest single ‘Sakin Ka Na Lang’ may be a love song, but ILL Kamp Cartel. shares that it can actually be a song that speaks of aiming for one’s goals.

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SB New Gen

Ibomba mo! Of course, we didn’t forget SB New Gen! We all love the Sexbomb dancers, but now it’s time to make way for its new generation. The new members are Eunice Andrea, Nikkie, Keshia, Lea Jane, Daphny Red, and Julie who are showcasing their dynamic dance moves. Need I explain why they are viral and the talk of the town? Because not only are they great dancers, but they can also sing and rap, and they proved it to their single ‘Want U’.

Andddd that’s it. Wow, so many new artists are signed under Viva Records and I’m sure more are coming in! So better make sure you listen to their songs and start following them because this set really is promising.

What do you think of the new artists signed under Viva Records? I know I can’t wait to hear and see more of them! Share us what you think by sending us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. You can also leave a comment down below!