The Netflix’s famous gang of robbers returns! And the only thing that we could expect after our long wait is a big chaotic season to be released on April 3.

Did you hold your breath while watching this epic trailer? We all have seen Nairobi lying on a makeshift stretcher with no idea if she will survive (but we really hope so), and Lisbon (Raquel) offered her freedom if she’ll betray the whole gang. Too intense, right?


After the major cliffhanger that Season 3 gave us last year, we all know that famous robbers will face a tougher battle as they entered the biggest bank of Spain. They knew that it is impossible for them to succeed on that epic plan but eventually, they bravely proceed on it for Rio and also for our beloved, Berlin.

However, we are all hyped up and getting impatient after the thrilled robbing series left the gang in the middle of gold heist.  If you haven’t check their teaser, you can watch it down below.

What’s more exciting?

To appease us though, let’s linger on the line that have Berlin said at the latter part of the trailer. The gang might get some help from the people that we didn’t expect to come.

Furthermore, Alex Pina, the creator of the famous heist series, teased the public that the show scored its renewal for its fifth and sixth season. Also, Money Heist has a million followers, since then. No doubt that the show will continue and has been renewed.

So the heist isn’t over yet and it’s not the best time to sing, Bella Ciao.

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