Pave the way for Minerva PH! Here’s what we learned about the alternative rock band through an exclusive interview!

Minerva PH based the band’s name off of a song of the same title from Deftones (an American NU metal band). Fittingly, Minerva is also the goddess of art and wisdom, as every member of the band’s an artist in their own right. They also aim to give wisdom to those who listen to their songs.

5 members


Ronson Santos is the lead vocalist, guitarist and is usually the composer of the band. Now we know who to blame after we get our hearts broken by their songs! Lol, kidding. We think he conserves his voice by talking with a small voice every time he wakes up in the morning.

Fun fact: he is very good at impersonating people!


Pen Potente is Minerva PH’s drummer. He used to play the guitar but when his sister gave him a pair of drumsticks, the beats just came on. He’s so good at playing drums that he listed as a semi-finalist in 2015’s Tribal drum duels. I guess he did make the right choice after all.

If you happen to pass by one of their performances, throw this guy a Vicks Vaporub (not in the face!) and he’ll thank you. He’s got the brightness smile in the band, and apparently, his happiness mainly consists of Gundam and Santa Claus. How cute!


Michael Creus or Bryan is the band’s resident bassist who has a mannerism of thanking the people he does favors to (shouldn’t it be the other way around?). It seems he and Pen might have more in common than we may think. For one, they both love Gundams. Also, Michael originally wanted to be a drummer instead of a bassist. He learned to play the base from Ronson in 2014.


Ruwel Pasion, also known as Sky, is Minerva PH’s violinist. Sky is like most of us who can’t start his day right without a boost of caffeine, (I feel you, Sky). He also likes making people laugh by showing only one part of his front teeth and also has a solo career as a cover artist/instrumentalist.


Allison plays the rhythm guitar for the band and various instruments as well, like his older brother Ronson. He’s also a vlogger and a dancer, all in one! He talks to himself when he’s alone, though (not that none of us here has done it, lol).

We also heard he’s afraid of live chickens, but he loves to eat’em. Now, that’s a guy after our own hearts!

4 singles

We don’t know for sure if the members of the band are single… But here’s what we do know: Minerva PH has released 4 originals so far!


On an online interview, the band’s road manager, Jessica Pacheco shared that the band’s first single, ‘Kalawakan’ is written to inspire listeners to pursue one’s dream.



On the other hand, we somehow have Sky to thank for the crowd favorite, ‘Alaala (along with its original writer, Ronson, of course). According to their road manager, Ronson already threw his copy of ‘Alaala’ away, but it was Sky who convinced him to keep the song because it was a masterpiece.

The band made the very wise choice of keeping it, and now we have ‘Alaala’ to break our hearts every time we listen to it. ‘Alaala’ is a song about moving on from falling in love with someone who is already in a relationship with somebody else (I’m not crying, you’re crying!).


Wala Ka Na

This song puts the listener through a lot of emotions, but don’t get the song wrong though! This song is not about being heartbroken of a romantic relationship, but of something even more painful than that. Ronson wrote ‘Wala Ka Na’ with the despair of losing his parents.



After all that heartbreak, ‘Daan’ falls on a lighter note. This one is about hope. Based on every band member’s experience, the song encourages the listeners to continue through the struggles they are facing in life.


Minerva PH

Minerva PH has been around since 2012, but the band has a whole history to tell. Can you believe that Minerva PH actually started as a side project band? Just like any other band, they had members come and go. The first vocalist was actually a female! Sadly, she left in 2014. The same thing happened to a member named Angelo, who left the band after only a few months. In the year 2017, Sky met Ronson at work and soon became the band’s violinist. In 2018, Allison stood as a session’s bassist when Bryan was not around until the band decided to absorb him as their rhythmic guitarist early in 2019. And that formed the band that we have come to love today.

Why we love them

We love Minerva PH because they keep it real! Every song is something they’ve experienced, which allows for the display of pure and raw emotions that you can actually feel through your headphones. They communicate love, and pain, despair, and hope.

The band did not start off that well, though. Like most indie bands, they have experienced shows with fewer audiences where they felt that nobody wanted to listen to them. About this, their only piece of advice to other indie bands struggling to be known in the OPM scene is to keep going. Keep sharing music, no matter how hard it gets.

Bukas, sisikat din ang araw

Wag lang bibitaw at iyong matatanaw ang daan

Where to catch Minerva PH

Minerva PH’s songs are available on Spotify, Youtube, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer, Tidal, Reverbnation and other online digital music stores for us to enjoy!

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