Guess who the new ‘Pedro Penduko’ is! As you can obviously see from the title, the iconic role will be played by Matteo Guidicelli.

If you can remember last year on August 15, VIVA Films announced that James Reid will be the next Pedro Penduko. However, last May, he withdrew from the movie because of apparent spinal injuries he obtained from training for the role. But today, after weeks of speculations about him taking over the character, Matteo Guidicelli finally confirms it: he is the new Pedro Penduko.

Check out his Instagram post below finally verifying the news. We must warn you though, try not to drool!

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What We Know About Pedro Penduko

If you recall, ex-PBB actor Matt Evans used to play Pedro Penduko under the TV series, ‘Komiks’. Consisting of 3 seasons, we were able to watch Pedro Penduko from September of 2006 to October of 2007. Because of the series, we learned more about creatures and monsters comprising the myths and legends of the country.

With a simple caption, “Penduko #2020“, Matteo Guidicelli shows that he’s the next Filipino action star slash superhero. Facing monsters and creatures from Philippine mythology, the role of Pedro Penduko is not a joke. Moreover, it was said that the actor for the role should undergo intense training, specifically for Kali, a Filipino martial art.

Pedro Penduko

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Pedro Penduko will be directed by Alberto ‘Treb’ Montreras II, the director for Cinemalaya 2017’s Best Film, ‘Respeto’. As he said in an interview, we should expect the upcoming film to be more than just a copy of what other countries do. Moreover, he wants to make the film ‘gritty’. What he means by it, we are not really sure; we just know it’s gonna be good.

Reports also say that the film’s title will just be ‘Penduko‘. And based on Guidicelli’s tweet, it will come out sometime in 2020.

Engkantos: A Filipino Cinematic Universe

According to Epik Studios, co-producer of Penduko along with VIVA Films and Signal, they are also planning an MCU-like movie universe that will be called Engkantos. Pedro Penduko will signify the start of the project, much like how ‘Iron Man’ did for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Look at the planned movies for the said ambitious Filipino superhero universe.

Pedro Penduko was originally supposed to come out in 2019, along with a reboot of the Carlo J. Caparas title ‘Totoy Bato’ arriving in the same year. ‘Bernardo Carpio’, a movie about a sea siren hero ‘Osyana’, and ”Maria Makiling’, which will apparently star Nadine Lustre were plans for 2020.

Meanwhile, for 2021 is ‘Habagat’, a story about a “winged creature of peace and justice”. There are also proposed movies focusing on the arch-nemesis of our heroes, and one based on the original graphic novel ‘Republika’.

We are super excited for this, considering how we were just geeking about it a few weeks ago. Finally, something which focuses on our own stories and myths will finally come!

Are you excited for this Pedro Penduko movie? Do you think Matteo Guidicelli is perfect for the role?

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