Inspired by personal struggles and life itself, Jigo Viriña graces us with family-driven music. Let’s all take a minute to get to know him more!

Jigo Viriña is a rising independent singer and rapper who hails from Quezon City. Although fairly new to the music scene, he has been into music ever since he was a kid and has been creating original compositions for quite a while now. In 2018, he released his first single called ‘Empathy’, and in that same year, he released a collaborative single called ‘We Used To’ where he sang with Mariamaria. His music is somewhat personal, but it has gained quite the support despite being relatively new.

Let’s take a look at what drives Jigo to create such beautiful music and everything we found out through an exclusive interview!

The love for art

Jigo believes that the world could use a bit more empathy and that there is no better way to spread it than through art. True enough, he has been involved in it ever since. In fact, he shared with us how he used to write random lyrics in poems and sing what phrases he could. He also shared with us that his family was the biggest influence he had as a kid and took us back to when his dad would always play worship songs with an acoustic guitar. Jigo had never had a day without music since then. He actually was in a band called Perkywasted back in 2013 before he decided to pursue his solo career.

Not only is he good in terms of music, but he also has a degree in visual communication from the University of The Philippines Diliman, College of Fine Arts. Tell me he doesn’t love the arts! We wish all of us were as talented. Needless to say, we think that this love is one of the things that drive him to create.

For him, music is empathy. He likes “experimenting on genres and fusing some of them together, cause it’s always good to create something raw and new. “ And do we agree? YES.

The love for family

Maybe only a few of his fans and listeners know this, but Jigo’s music is pretty family-centric. In fact, his first attempt in pursuing music as a career was as a result of his dad suffering from a stroke. Jigo set up a fundraiser for his dad, spending night and day writing music because it was the only way he knew of supporting his father.

It’s amazing what music can do or how far it can go for an individual… a family. From then on, Jigo promised to make music that would uplift other people. He draws his inspiration from his struggles, friends’ stories, and from his family. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a good change– seeing people putting themselves and their personal experience into their work.  It’s a rare moment of vulnerability to share with people a part of someone or an experience that most artists would usually shy away from.

The love for change

Jigo loves change. He loves new things, and that’s what separates him from other artists out there. This is what we’ll be looking out for. Oftentimes, we get complacent and feel safe inside a box, doing the usual things. People normally fear change. We want things that are stable, unchanging. It’s good to see an artist that does not let himself be defined by the usual. Jigo believes that an artist does not need to conform to the usual OPM style. Everybody has their own sound! We see it as if he does not let himself be defined by a constant, because like it or not, it’s true that change is inevitable. And don’t you just love that in an artist? Jigo might just be the type of artist we can always expect new things from!

What’s next for Jigo Viriña?

Jigo had since released his first EP called ‘Goody Vibes’ and the carrying single tells us more than its title would. ‘Goody Vibes’ is about a mask for pain. Sometimes we tend to think that we just need a break from everything and that would solve it, but really “it’s just a band-aid thing.”

Currently, Jigo is working on another collaborative EP with Mariamaria which is about to be released in the middle of this year. Towards the end of the year, he is to release a solo mixtape. Lots of new things! They are also conceptualizing video performances, so I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned! You can find him on Spotify, iTunes, and other digital music stores! Or reach him through FacebookInstagram, and Twitter! Also, if you ever get to meet Jigo, hand him some moldy cheese. He loves ’em!

You can stream his tracks right here!

For all our aspiring artists out there, keep going! It’s as Jigo Viriña said. Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.