The music of I Belong To The Zoo has been continuously breaking our hearts. But it’s time for you to get to know more about the man behind the painful yet beautiful tracks through our Music Dive episodes!

I Belong To The Zoo being a guest for Music Dive was truly an honor. I remember the first time I heard his now very famous single ‘Sana’ when I was a fresh graduate. I was hanging out with my university friends when they played this music and the lyrics were just outright painful and relatable. And of course, just like everyone else, from then on, I got hooked to his music.

For all the fans of I Belong To The Zoo’s music out there… Get to know the very talented individual behind the amazing songs!

Argee Guerrero

Argee Guerrero is the talented individual behind the moniker I Belong To The Zoo—the artist who writes songs based on his personal experiences and close to his heart. He didn’t plan to release his songs in the beginning, but after he shared it with his friends, they, fortunately, pushed him to share it with the world. Argee originally wanted to release his songs anonymously but because of requests for him to perform live, everything skyrocketed from there.

The record label of Monty Macalino, the Yellow Room Music PH, was the only management who took him. Grateful for the trust given to him, Argee also shares that with being under Monty’s wing, it’s like he has a second dad or a best friend in the industry.

For aspiring artists out there, Argee tells you to keep on practicing no matter how good you are. Write from all honesty, write songs true to your heart so you’ll never get tired of playing it.

His music

Sana‘ is definitely a song that stuck with us. Not only because of the great music and the amazing voice that accompanies it but of how the lyrics speak of emotions that we can’t express easily.

Most of us, if not all, had our hopes up and hearts broken because of a person who led us on. Making us believe that we have a future with them, only for them to leave us hanging. And just recently, I Belong To The Zoo did a collaboration with Moira Dela Torre that took us on a different kind of pain.

Just like Argee, Moira is also known for giving us songs that attack our hearts. That’s why it’s no wonder that heartbroken or not, ‘Patawad, Paalam‘ can easily invoke emotions to its listeners.

His songs may hurt, but it’s also a great way for us to express what we feel through wonderful Filipino music. And of course, what’s a Music Dive segment with a game, right? Check out as Argee plays “Would you rather?” for Music Dive right HERE:

Don’t forget to stream I Belong To The Zoo on Spotify, especially his newest release ‘Balita‘!

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