ENCORE FEATURE: Cong TV’s band signed under Universal Records!

POWER! Cong TV’s band, COLN, is officially signed under Universal Records, and we couldn’t be happier for them!

We all know Cong TV for his funny videos and YouTube vlogs. He also showed us he can damn well play the guitar in some of those videos. Even so, the fact that he actually has a band came to us as a surprise!

He did mention in one of his fun-filled vlogs that he’s going to document the journey that goes into creating their own song down to the music video’s production. Cong may not look like the type to take things very seriously, but he accomplished the song very well, but he didn’t forget to give it his own fun flavor. Check out this ‘Baliw‘ music video they created with the help of their friend Pau Sepagan!

Outstanding strategy

We know that Cong has been a part of a band (he’s mentioned it in his vlogs before), but he hasn’t revealed his band until recently. We think that it’s a great move to release the band and their song starting with all the followers he already has (We see what you did there, Cong). It’s not unknown to us how hard it usually is to start a band and try to get known in the scene, but with Cong’s following, spreading the word wouldn’t be as hard. Smart move! In fact, Cong has had us all hooked in the process of creating the song. Definitely check out his YouTube channel to watch those videos!

Additionally, COLN was able to perform at the 2019 Rakrakan Stage! This and the release of their song ‘Baliw’ kickstarted it all for them. In Cong’s vlogs, we can now see them traveling to perform at gigs.

Universal Records

This being said, COLN officially signing under Universal Records is a huge leap forward for the band! I guess we could expect more songs from them after this move. Is it safe to say they’ll literally be “payaman“? One thing is for sure, we couldn’t be any more excited to hear what COLN has in store for us!

You can also check out their song on Spotify!

Ano na?! Are you as excited as we are for COLN being signed under Universal Records? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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