Just in case you didn’t know, the series adaptation for ‘Looking for Alaska’ is now out on Hulu!

The series adaption for one of John Green’s bestsellers, ‘Looking for Alaska’, is now out on U.S. streaming service, Hulu! It was released last October 18, but unfortunately, we live in the Philippines where it is unavailable.

The novel ‘Looking for Alaska’ came out more than a decade ago, specifically in the year 2005. It is the first-ever novel of the bestselling author, John Green. If you aren’t aware, his other books are ‘Paper Towns’ and the more popular ‘The Fault in Our Stars‘ – both of which had their own movie adaptations already.

Going back, a trailer for ‘Looking for Alaska’ was released last month. Admittedly, we haven’t seen it yet. So if you are curious too as to how the series adaptation looks like, watch it with us below!

‘Looking for Alaska’ and Its Soundtrack

Looking at the tweets of other users who have already watched the series, we think that it’s actually good. Compared to its usual ‘teenage chick flick’ and formulaic trailer which somehow feels nothing like the novel, it seems like a lot of people actually liked its adaptation.

Check out some of the tweets about the show below.

Moreover, some are commending the soundtrack for ‘Looking for Alaska’ and how it apparently matches the show very well.

Because of this, we want to bring you the good news that at least, we can listen to the soundtrack. Because there is no way to legally watch the series aside from Hulu yet, let’s make do with the music that apparently fits the show very well.

Check out the Spotify playlist for ‘Looking for Alaska’s soundtrack below.

Open in Spotify

Did you listen to the songs? Personally, we aren’t a fan of song renditions. In our opinion, the originals could’ve sufficed – especially with Death Cab for Cutie’s ‘I Will Follow You Into the Dark’ and Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Take Me Out’.

But hey, maybe those song renditions fit the series better! After all, they sound more emotional and heartfelt. They may be more appropriate for the scenes but of which we can’t say yet. Because again, it’s unavailable in the country. *cries*

We just can’t wait to watch ‘Looking for Alaska’ too. Hopefully, it comes out soon somewhere – possibly on Netflix!

Were you fortunately able to watch ‘Looking for Alaska’ already? Which one of the songs in the playlist above is your favorite? Let us know what you think by sharing through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter accounts, @udouph.