Truly a queen of not just beauty but of kind hearts, Catriona Gray delivered a farewell speech that drove us all to tears!

Catriona Gray is, without the shadow of a doubt, the best Miss Universe this country had. And we’re not even talking about beauty. After winning Miss Universe, she continued supporting timely causes like education and helped the Filipino youth through volunteer work in local organizations. She had a glorious reign, that’s for sure, but before all this, she was once a Binibini.

She knew that after the Binibining Pilipinas sash was donned on her, she would have a whole new journey ahead. It’s been a year, but now it’s time to pass that journey onto the next girl! And we might bid farewell to her as the reigning Binibining Pilipinas Universe, but Catriona’s speech is surely another reason we wouldn’t be able to forget her!

She conquered!

Undoubtedly, Catriona has conquered her dream, and our hearts, too! Being Miss Universe wasn’t an easy task, nor was it an easy journey. She proved to us that more than her beauty, she’s got what it takes to sport the crown. But this success did not just come to her. She had to conquer “three mountains” for it.

First, she had to conquer her fear of not measuring up and falling short. Second, her fear of how others perceive her, and third, she had to conquer for a purpose. I think what makes this so inspiring to most of us is plain and simple– we all have been there. She might have been our Miss Universe, but she went through the same things we did, and her three-piece advice could apply to almost anything we’re now going through.

We have to conquer ourselves because face it or not, we are our worst enemy most of the time. Imagine how many things could have turned out great had we been unafraid. As Catriona said, we are not perfect people, but things become possible when we are determined.

Also, we have to get past thinking about what other people would think about us. Imagine Catriona Gray, one of the most beautiful people in the world being body shamed. Outrageous, right? But like us, she had to go through it and learn from it. Catriona is proof that surrounding ourselves with the right people can be game-changing.

Lastly, we couldn’t strive for anything without a purpose. For Catriona, it had been the Filipino people, the kids of Tondo, who served as her purpose of competing. And, in her own way, she did satisfy that goal for all of us.

Proud to be Filipina

What gave Catriona the courage to push through was that out of the 95 beautiful women she competed with, she knew she was going to be the only Filipina. To me, that’s such a strong statement. It’s acknowledging that Filipinas are special. We have something that women from other countries don’t, and that’s what makes us proud. Although a half-Filipina, Catriona is as much a Filipina as all of us, and she was proud to wear that label with her to the Miss Universe pageant.

She ended her farewell speech by saying “I will forever raise our flags,” and we think that’s the most beautiful thing. There’s no doubt that this day will be embedded in history as not just another Binibining Pilipinas coronation, but as the day that someone conquered her dreams, and carried the whole country with her.

Do you also want to be inspired? You can watch her full speech right here!

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