ENCORE FEATURE: Carousel Casualties for Music Dive

Drawing inspiration from both personal experiences and observations, Carousel Casualties is one band to look out for. Watch as they share their music here at Music Dive!

Music is a universal language. What people can’t express in words, they say through music. And it is so diverse that there can’t be just one interpretation. It is alive and evolving, just as this band is! If you’re someone who loves OPM, you’ve probably already heard about Carousel Casualties. In fact, we love their music! We got the chance to delve in deeper and get to know them more in an exclusive interview and listen to them perform two of their songs live!

Carousel Casualties

Carousel Casualties started as Emmie Villegas’ solo project in 2016, but only took off when he reformed it with Pau Villanueva. They got Jot Nicanor to play bass and Ryan Pineda to play the drums. On the same note, Earl Garcia is the latest addition to the band and mans the synths and additional bass. Although they only have been active for only about 2 years, they surely have cemented their place in the OPM music scene.

Carousel Casualties acknowledges that it will take time to create a distinct sound because they already have a sound but they have so many ways to go about it. Earl also thinks that the band is still evolving, which only means one thing. We haven’t seen the best of Carousel Casualties yet, and we’re surely in it for more! Check out the full interview right here!


‘Leona’ might be our favorite among all the Carousel Casualties songs. Not that their other songs aren’t good. This one hits the heart like no other! If you only listen to the melody and the tunes of the song, it’s easy to look the lyrics over. But in actuality, this song is just like a letter dedicated to a girl named ‘Leona’, with the guy asking her not to forget him. It’s an amazing song, but it’s even more amazing hearing it live!

San Junipero

There have been some theories that this song is actually based on a ‘Black Mirror‘ episode with the same title. The lyrics say something along the lines of “we look so good, in our white dresses,” which is seemingly a reference to a scene where a lesbian couple gets married in the episode. Anyway, we can say that this is one of their songs that really stuck with us, the type to give you LSS for days!

Perhaps what sets Carousel Casualties from other equally great bands that you’ll find out there is that they are a joy to listen to. There is a certain complexity to their writing and they present songs in a way that won’t bore you. It’s not just repetitive lyrics over and over. They give meaning to the music they create and it shows.

You can also check out their songs on Spotify!

It was a pleasure listening to Carousel Casualties perform live here at Music Dive! What did you think about their performances? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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