Just can’t get enough of Sun-oh from ‘Love Alarm?’ We’ve got you covered, sis! We’ve gathered everything you need to know about K-Drama actor Song Kang!

Are you just dying to know who this fresh-faced hottie that plays Sun-oh from ‘Love Alarm’ is? Well, we have saved you all the trouble of stalking K-Drama actor, Song Kang! Because everything you need to know about him is right here! And some good news too, we’ll be seeing him in a new K-Drama very soon! So read on to find out more.

Our new fave Oppa, Song Kang!

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He has officially won our hearts with his amazing smile! We could just melt if he smiled at us the way he does to Jojo! But even though he plays as a high-schooler in ‘Love Alarm’, Song Kang is actually 25 years old now! He was born on April 23, 1994. And his Instagram feed is just absolute eye-candy! It’s just filled with pictures of him in cute places. We could just imagine being there on a date with him! Check out some of these snaps from his feed:

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Going on cute coffee dates with my yeobo!

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Just a quick stroll in the park! LOL, okay that’s enough daydreaming!

Where else have we seen him?

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So even though he’s new to having the lead role in K-Drama, he’s no newbie in the entertainment scene. He made his debut in K-Drama way back in 2017 in ‘The Liar and His Lover’. And was cast again in the same year in ‘Man in the Kitchen’. But in 2018 he debuted in his first-ever film, ‘Beautiful Vampire’. And this year he has also landed a role in ‘When the Devil Calls Your Name’. BONUS! He was also in two music videos! ‘Sweet Summer Night’ by The Ade and ‘Love Story’ by Suran. So maybe all these can sustain the thirst while we wait for ‘Love Alarm’ season 2. Check out the music videos below:


Overall, we’re just so bitin for ‘Love Alarm’! We just really need more Song Kang as Sun-oh in our life. So if you’re like us, maybe bingeing on his other works can quench the thirst! And if that isn’t enough for you, according to My Drama List, we will be seeing him in another webtoon turned K-Drama by the end of the year. He will be taking the lead role in a psychological thriller called, ‘Sweet Home’.

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