As we pray for the speedy recovery of KyoAni, let’s take a look back to the best animes of Kyoto Animation that will definitely stand the test of time!

For so many decades, KyoAni had contributed so much. In fact, they’re a driving force whose stories inspires everyone. They transcend the conventionality of life. From slice-of-life settings, frivolous comedy to touching melodramas and fantasy. You name it.

Our condolences and prayers go with the family of all the KyoAni employees that suffered in the recent arson attack. So, in commemoration to their hard work all these years, here’s the list of some of the best creations they contributed to the animation industry!


An all-time classic, ‘Clannad’ forever lives in our hearts for it’s touching narrative. No doubt, the critically acclaimed slice of life series exceeds its own popularity and fame. It follows the story of Tomoya, a delinquent who finds life dull and boring. But after meeting Nagisa and makes friends with others, he finds himself helping them resolve their personal problems. And all throughout, he discovers that life might not be that bad after all.

At first, it sounds like your typical harem series. But it’s appeal relies on how genuine life can be, punishing and rewarding at the same time.

Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)

‘A Silent Voice’ is a cautionary tale about the ripple effects of bullying to both the bully and the bullied. Adapted from a best-selling manga series, KyoAni took a risk in creating a masterpiece that resonates to everyone’s heart. It tells the story of Shoya Ishida who was a bully and how he tried to reconcile with Shoko Nishimiya, a deaf-mute girl, whom he bullied when he was young.

It might sound like a simple storyline. But to be perfectly honest, the simplicity of the story tugs everyone’s heartstring. It cannot get any real, packed with not just drama, but also laughter.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

Another all-time favorite, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya became part of our childhood. The show tells the story of Haruhi Suzumiya, an eccentric student who turns out to be God. Her classmates end up bonding together with her and try to avoid her doing crazy things that fuck up the world.

It was hard not to be captivated by the quirky series that goes for literally every one of all ages. The uplifting and energizing spirit the anime exudes plus the wacky adventures are enough to keep people hooked to it. At the same time, everyone can relate to Haruhi’s character too.

Violet Evergarden

So far, Violet Evergarden has been one of KyoAni’s greatest project. An emotional rollercoaster ride about human emotions, it follows the story of Violet Evergarden, an ex-military who became a ghostwriter after the war. Being desensitized of human emotions at an early age, she then tries to explore human emotions and discover what the words “I love you” means.

It sets the bar high having a compelling story and wonderful art. It doesn’t romanticize the idea of love. But instead, presents how love is and what it can be for every people.


And of course, who would forget about our favorite band! ‘K-On’ brought about more music animes to the table. Following the adventures of Hirasawa Yui, she embarks on high school and joins the “Light Music Club”. Despite now knowing how to play an instrument, her club members and herself work together to produce and play music together.

It’s all light and fluffy, to be clear. But K-On’s charm lies in the simple yet crazy daily life of high school students. It’s more of dealing about growing up, finding yourself, handling friendships and looking for that motivation that drives you and your passion. In short, it’s all the little things in life that brings happiness.

This is just a few of the amazing work of Kyoto Animation. Even from the time they started, they had made a name for themselves. And up until now, they’re regarded highly for being a unique company that has integrity in their art. Despite the devastating accident that occurred to KyoAni, everyone, and I mean, everyone will continue to support them.

Everyone’s looking forward to KyoAni’s recovery in the future.

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