Catriona Gray is truly one of the prettiest girls out in the world. After passing the Miss Universe crown, what’s next for her?

Catriona Gray: one of the most effortless winners of the Miss Universe crown, a guaranteed confidently beautiful woman, and someone with many talents. If we were asked about who we would want to be if we could get to choose anyone, our answer would totally be Catriona Gray. Because… just look at the pretty woman!

DAAAMN! Did you also feel all the chills that ran up our spine from just looking at Catriona Gray? Because how can a woman be THAT attractive? All that natural beauty, appeal and confidence, she really is Miss Universe level.

Speaking of the crown though, it has now been passed to 2019’s Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi from South Africa. So we also wonder, what’s coming next for our Cat?

A career in music?

In case you weren’t aware, Catriona Gray is a great singer. No, we’re not talking about just being able to hold a tune — she could actually sing well. In fact, her unusually low but strong voice is one of the most unique ones that we’ve heard. But if you haven’t heard her wonderful vocals yet, listen to her debut single ‘We’re In This Together’ below!

Heavenly, right? And aside from her beautiful voice, she is also bringing our attention to one of her biggest advocacies – helping the Filipino children, especially those in need. With this song and video, we could see more what a beautiful and talented woman with a pure heart Catriona really is.

Moreover, we could actually look forward to more singles or even live shows by Catriona. Because speaking with ABS-CBN at the time of her arrival in NAIA yesterday, she shared some career paths of hers that she plans to pursue after finishing her reign as Miss U. Watch her interview below!

Apparently, under her management Cornerstone Music, she will be starting to work on new projects as soon as today. Clearly, these are very exciting news for her and of course, for us her fans. After putting music aside due to a lot of things coming up in her life, we could see that Catriona is really looking forward to pursue her passion. Moreover when asked about her advocacies, read her heartfelt answer below.

“I really, really look forward to putting together my two passions which is charity work and music. Perhaps, we will have some benefit concerts in the near future–I would really, really love to do that to benefit the charities that I’ve been working with, and also be able to travel and perform for our mga kababayan abroad.”

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