We love Afgala for their music, but there’s more to them than meets the eye! Here are some of the reasons why we love ’em!

Afgala is a rising band from the south who aims to grace us with their power ballads written from personal experience. Read through to find out what we learned through an exclusive interview!

Getting up close and personal!

There are five people that comprise the Afgala band, and we’re not letting you off without letting you get to know the artists individually. Here’s what we found out!

JM de Ramos is the band’s vocalist and guitarist. He mostly writes their songs from his experiences when it comes to love, but that’s not all there is to love about JM. Did you know he used to be a stand-up comedian? It seems this guy never runs out of talent! Also, who doesn’t love a guy with humor? JM might as well be the type of friend who would make you laugh so hard you’d feel the pain in your tummy.

Mykell Montallana mans the synth and plays keys for Afgala. But it appears those are not the only things he can produce sounds off of! He looks quite serious in this photo, but guess what! Fun fact, he is fond of making fart noises and other weird noises in general. You’d love hanging out with Mykell because let’s be honest, that’s one hilarious habit. Mykell is also JM’s friend from St. Scholastica and had played with him through different bands!

Don “Earthshaker” Romera handles bass and he looks like a very nice and quiet guy, so the nickname doesn’t seem to sit well with how he looks like. But that’s just my first impression. Did you know that he likes to fidget with his fingernails? It’s a pretty unusual habit, yes, but who are we to judge? I have a bad habit of biting my nails, too, so maybe we should be hanging out.

Kevin Acpal plays the drums for the band, but his friends call him Nico. Nico is the mastermind behind the forming of the band. He was hanging out with Don one day and he suddenly asked Don if he wanted to form a band with him. And that’s where it all started. Nico carries with him 5 liters of water every day! But I’ll let you know that he doesn’t like to share his H2O. So go bring your own if you’re ever to hang out with him. Frankly, that’s a talent! My dehydrated ass doesn’t even know if I can drink even a liter of water a day.

Jandrell Formoso plays keys and also sings for Afgala. Apparently, he has weirdly long fingers, but we think that only works for his advantage! Jandrell plays the piano really well. When he was but a young boy, he slid backward which caused his front teeth to split. Nonetheless, he still plays with all his heart. Jandrell is the keyboardist from the church that JM was attending.

Afgala… what?

I’m sure most of you could be wondering why the band is named as such. We were, too! So we took the liberty of finding out for ourselves. It turns out that the band’s name, “Afgala”, is derived from the phrase “After Party” or as we can say in Tagalog, “After Gala”. They want the name to symbolize other agendas in life, and that, according to them, differs from person to person.

What’s your “After Gala”? It can be our jobs, church duties, and other activities we have in life. To the band “After Gala” is the intimate, vulnerable moment of no pretense. It can be a great time to see one another eye to eye under all the glamour or the fanciness so we can form new, genuine relationships. They believe that a real friend is one that would stay with you regardless of what you look like or what you did. And frankly, we couldn’t agree more! In today’s time, it can be hard to discover real friendship, especially when all that everyone wants to do is to impress. No one dares to be real anymore, everyone just wants to fit in. This being said, this thought from the band is a breath of fresh air. It’s nice to see that there are genuine people left, still.


Their latest single is called ‘Panahon’, and it’s about finding the right love at the wrong time. It’s the type of love you can’t shout from the rooftops or sho off to the world, because it’s a love that’s forbidden. JM really likes hurting us with his lyrics. “Minahal mo ako na parang tayo,” he sings. I’m not crying, you’re crying! I guess the only solace we can find is in the fact that he wrote this from his own experience. We are not alone in this (lol)!

You can stream ‘Panahon’ now, and bring yourself a hanky for your tears while you’re at it.

What’s next for Afgala?

Afgala’s ace over other bands is the chemistry between each member! They aspire to tell their stories through their music and they can’t wait to bring it out into the world for us to hear! You can catch them on Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music! And if you want to catch up on their announcements, you can always visit their Facebook page.

Afgala’s advice for all of us here who are just starting in the music industry is to just keep doing what you do best. Practice and hone your craft for people to appreciate. We think that’s the simplest but purest advice someone can give because let’s be frank here. We motivate ourselves every day, and we only get good if we keep doing what we love doing.

Afgala is surely a band to watch out for! They are about to release more love songs, and we will be here waiting. What did you think about ‘Panahon’? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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