Matteo Guidicceli did not say, “Pag inggit, pikit,” in his latest vlog but that’s what we heard.

We still haven’t forgotten how, in one of his older vlogs, Matteo tore open the packaging of his brand-new PlayStation 4 with little to no care that the viewers couldn’t help but feel he was destroying the poor console. He drew flak on the internet as PS4 owners and non-owners alike criticized the way the actor handled– or mishandled– such a high-priced device.

Well, it looks like there’s a sequel to the disaster that was Matteo’s PS4 video. Today, Guidicelli posted another unboxing vlog, this time targeting the more expensive, more yearned for PlayStation 5.


“Kuya, it’s expensive,” a voice warned him at the beginning of the video, to which he replied, “Ako bahala.”

The Ps5 package was tossed at him like a ball, setting the tone for what’s to come in the rest of the vlog. He dropped the box onto the table, slapped it, and proceeded to ripping it apart.

“You know what, I have something special to do. The mic, I’ll put it right here for you gamers,” said the actor as he held his microphone against the box. “ASMR ba tawag diyan? Para sa inyo ‘yun.” He continued tearing into the box.

The PS5 costs P27,990 here in the Philippines, so the vlog is really not for the faint of heart. From the way he caught the package mid-air, to how he recklessly opened the box, to the moment he dropped the console onto his “shock-absorbant” woven table from Cebu, the entire 3-minute-forty-eight-seconds-long vlog is the stuff of nightmares for all the broke gamers out there.

“I just wanna show you guys I’m organized when I do this,” the 30-year-old explained halfway through the video. He ended the vlog by telling his viewers to comment as much as they want.

From the looks of it, Guidecelli’s PS5 unboxing video was intentional– presumably, the actor’s way of trolling critics who bashed him for his PlayStation 4 unboxing video in June 2020. But whatever his purpose was, it all boils down to the fact that he can open whatever expensive package he has the way he wants it because HE CAN.

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