Can’t get enough with the story of the latest parallel world series? Here’s a glimpse of BTS bonding shots from The King: Eternal Monarch. 

Ever since this series bombarded our reality with thoughts about the concept of a parallel universe, we cannot deny how much we’ve really enjoyed this show! To tell you, it has probably a little peculiar plot but this fantasy drama gives us another thing to look forward to. Honestly, we love and we hate it at the same time how Netflix releases each new episode per week—leaving us all cliff-hanged. 

So, to appease our impatient hearts about the romantic story of Emperor Lee Gon and detective Jung Tae Eul, we’ve got you a short behind-the-scenes clip of The King: Eternal Monarch!

Catching Up with The King: Eternal Monarch

Penned by ‘Goblin’ and ‘Descendants of the Sun’ writer Kim Eun Sook, this upcoming fantasy drama conveys about two parallel universes— basically Korea’s forte in dramas. Starring Lee Min Ho who will be the ruler of the Korean Empire in their world—Emperor Lee Gon, and Kim Go Eun as a detective who resides in the present-day Republic of Korea—Jung Tae Eul.


Moreover, this series is building momentum and gaining buzz as a big comeback project for both writer Kim Eun-suk and post-military Lee Min-ho. For some reasons, after six episodes, you can also note that the show is refreshingly different from your typical K-drama romance! Why? Well, Many K-dramas have a standard male lead who is cold and aloof in the beginning. In fact, Lee Min-ho’s famous character Lee Tan from Kim Eun-suk’s 2013 drama The Heirs was initially cold to his love interest.

Thankfully, no hidden feelings here! Lee Gon is sincere and openly smitten with Jeong Tae-eul from the get-go.

Furthermore, Kim Go-eun’s character Jeong Tae-eul deviates from the typical K-drama female lead who is cheerful and optimistic despite many hardships. Jeong Tae-eul grew up uninterested in princesses and dolls, having preferred watching police shows. She’s also highly skilled at taekwondo and can hold her own in a fight. There’s certainly no damsel in distress with Jeong Tae-eul being a fierce detective.

In case you don’t know yet, the actors get two characters due to the existence of two parallel worlds where there is a different version of everyone in each world. Sure there have been plenty of dramas where one actor will play a dual role or even multiple roles, but it’s a first for everyone to have a dual role.

The opportunity to portray drastically different characters flaunts each actor’s skills and range. While we have yet to see everyone’s other version, Woo Do-hwan shines in the spotlight with his portrayal of stoic, steadfast Jo Yeong and playful, cute Jo Eun-seop. In both roles, his chemistry with Lee Min-ho stands out as the friendships bring much amusement to the audience.

There’s more adventure and romance up ahead for our duo, so don’t miss out because the story is just getting started! Catch the rest of the episodes on Netflix every Friday and Saturday at 10:30 in the evening.

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