If you ever got on Twitter today, a very specific hashtag trended. What is up with #BLINKSDemandForBLACKPINK though?

Recently, BLACKPINK has been the talk of the town. Ranking third on the brand reputation for girl groups, it’s honestly a shock since they haven’t been active since releasing their hit song ‘KILL THIS LOVE‘ in April this year. Moreover, it has been reported that their comeback would still not happen until next year. Because of this, their fanbase called BLINKS have been endlessly complaining about the girl group’s label, YG Entertainment.

However, we didn’t expect that fans would take it far. Just look at the space that they paid for on a truck which was positioned just in front of the YG building.

BLINKS took it really far this time but we honestly support what they did. YG Entertainment really needed to know that they have one of the biggest girl groups in the world and the four girls do not deserve the mistreatment they are experiencing. Recently, they were more models than idols and we know that they don’t like it too.

Other than the ‘BLINKS Demand for BLACKPINK’ statement though, the truck billboard also showed the group’s music videos to further send a message to the entertainment company.

A released statement from YG

Because of this, YG Entertainment themselves released an official statement addressing the issue. Read it below.

It was good that BLACKPINK’s entertainment company properly talked about the issue. However, it was still lacking a lot of information that the fans want. Moreover, BLINKS are also still disappointed because of how YG promised a lot – like ROSÉ’s solo and their supposedly November comeback – this year but failed to deliver.

Read a tweet of a very furious BLINK below.

Whatever it is though, we just want to see our girls again soon. So hopefully, YG Entertainment really took the fans’ pleas and turn their promises into action.

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