The Regional Trial Court of Surigao del Norte has officially called for the arrest of Yeng Constantino for Cyber Libel!

Yikes! It looks like Yeng Constantino just received a warrant of arrest for her “doctor shaming” incident!

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It all started with an unfortunate cliff diving accident her husband, Victor “Yan” Asuncion, had in Siargao last July 2019. And officially escalated with Yeng Constantino “doctor shaming” the physician that treated her husband on social media, which went viral BTW. And now, Yeng Constantino is facing a warrant of arrest for Cyber Libel!

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Although earlier this afternoon, Yeng Constantino has officially posted bail for 30,000 PHP. But for a celebrity singer like her, money isn’t the issue. It’s her reputation that’s now tarnished, not only is she condemned on social media, she now has a legal criminal case under her name.

So what exactly is she being charged for?

Cyber Libel

The ‘Hawak Kamay’ singer is accused of violating Sec 4 (c)(4) of the Republic Act 10175 or more commonly known as the Cybercrime Prevention Act, which is defined as:

“the unlawful or prohibited acts of libel as defined in Article 355 of the Revised Penal Code, as amended, committed through a computer system or any other similar means which may be devised in the future.”

A copy of Yeng Constantino’s warrant of arrest is on the official Facebook Page of Surigao del Norte’s 1st District Representative, Bingo Matugas. And also a screenshot of an article from Pep.PH:

But should this have escalated into a legal matter, instead of a matter of sympathy?

yeng constantino warrant of arrest

So last December 2019, Yeng Constantino appeared on Tonight With Boy Abunda, where she recounted the experience of being dubbed on social media as a cyberbully. But instead of focusing on the wrongdoings of her actions, she and Boy Abunda chose to reflect on how she was impacted through it all. And ultimately, Boy Abunda shared his understanding of what was going through her head, trying to decipher the logic that drove her to her actions. They summed it up to a fight or flight reaction since it was the life of her husband at stake. Check out the interview below:


So what do you think of Yeng Constantino receiving a warrant of arrest? Was the damage she inflicted on the doctor’s name that irreparable? That she deserves to have an erasable legal case that’s forever tagged with her name?

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