Yassi Pressman Defends Issa Pressman From Bashers!

ICYMI, Issa Pressman is being blamed for the JaDine breakup!

So big sis Yassi Pressman defends Issa Pressman from bashers with a long post on her Instagram!

Cyber-bullying is never okay, no matter how sure or justified your reasons may be. So when JaDine fans started bombarding Issa Pressman with accusations and just downright nasty comments, a big sister just has to say something. And that’s exactly what Yassi Pressman did!

So earlier today, Yassi Pressman posted a picture of herself and her BFF Nadine along with a really long caption! It was a two photo post, and the second one is a photo of a quote that says:

“If you can tattoo on your body all the words you say online, would you be proud?”

And honestly, that’s some profound cyber-bully shaming, right there! You go, big sis!

“This was me and Nadz last night, watching how some of us become cruel over untrue statements.”

So in her post, she explains that her sister, Issa Pressman, would never respond to all the bullying. But that as a big sister she just couldn’t let this pass by without saying anything.

She goes on by saying, “Initially we all laughed about how crazy the things that woke us up yesterday were, and then…. they started getting out of hand, at di na yun tama.. (and it’s not okay anymore”.

“Cyber-bullying is not okay, it is never okay.”

And that initially, they didn’t want to respond to all the hate. But they decided to post something because, “cyber-bullying is not okay, it is never okay.”

And this sentiment is why we respect her post immensely. It’s not the fact that it was her sister that was being cyber-bullied. It was the fact that someone was being cyber-bullied. Regardless if it was her sister or not.

And she ends it with a simple and sweet message:

“Let’s respect everyone.

So regardless of what we think happened between James Reid, Nadine Lustre, and Issa Pressman. In the end, we should all take heed from Yassi Pressman’s words. Because cyber-bullying will never be okay, and the world can do with a lot less hate. So as cliche as it sounds, think before you click!

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