DIRTY LAUNDRY: Xander Ford no more

Marlou Arizala has been stripped off the Xander Ford name, and after reading into this, you’d understand why.

Marlou’s fame has been kickstarted and fueled with hate. I know you know what I mean! Photos, videos, and shows– everything from the kid hasn’t been received well by the public. Star Image Artist Management tried to turn this around by having Marlou undergo a transformation, after which he was known as Xander Ford. But now, he can’t have even that name.

The timeline to Xander Ford

If we remember it right, Marlou started by being a member of a low-cost boy group called the “Hasht5”, who was then bashed all over social media for their “appearance”.

Marlou stood out because there came a viral video of him lipsyncing as “papogi“. Some of us girls can remember tagging our girlfriends in this video he posted.

Though bashed by netizens, Marlou kept posting videos of himself doing this. We couldn’t help but think he likes the attention after all, or is he just that confident? There’s no reason not to be anyway because if we’re only talking about looks, there are a lot of artists getting famous and being well-received by the audiences regardless of their looks. We’re talking about talent, appeal, attitude. Sadly, Marlou has been perceived as lacking that last one right there.

Marlou reportedly asked the management for help to revive his career. Seeing his confidence and potential, the management signed him up for a contract. This was the beginning of his full-blown transformation that everyone buzzed about. Marlou was then turned into Xander Ford.

Who was Xander Ford?

Xander Ford was meant to be Marlou’s better alter ego. After being known for his bad reputation, the management gambled to introduce a better version of Marlou. Xander Ford was supposed to be an inspirational transformation from an oppressed teen to a well-mannered and responsible artist. After undergoing the surgery, everyone was surprised to see how it went.

He actually looked good! Xander was then set up for several TV and radio guestings, mall shows, and the likes. He left Hasht5 long before, focusing on his solo career as Xander Ford. Xander Ford was a worldwide hit! Sadly, fame appears to have gotten to the artist’s head, and the next chain of events did not turn out good.

His shortcomings

Through a Facebook post, the management revealed that Marlou has, in fact, violated parts of his contract, and as a result, was stripped of his stage name. Why… you ask?  It was a serious case of unprofessionalism and inappropriate attitude. After becoming Xander Ford, he became this entitled individual that was totally the opposite of the essence of why Xander Ford was made to exist.

One, he yelled at ABS-CBN marshalls, boastfully asking them, “Di nyo ba ako kilala? Ako si Xander Ford?” He also had a taping for the late-time weekend show’Gandang Gabi Vice which was not aired on TV because of his unprofessional behaviour towards the staff. Three. Remember when Xander Ford went missing? He deactivated all of his social media accounts and deliberately hid from his managers following friends’ advice. He has also reportedly displayed inappropriate behaviour towards other artists and always seemed to boast that he is Xander Ford. There was even a time when the artist said that he never wanted to be in the show business, he just wanted to look good.

These were the only things that the management cited, but the list goes on. Trouble seems to never leave Marlou. In the managements’ words, “Marlou is a hopeless case.” Although we wouldn’t refer to him like that, we think that everyone deserves a chance, but only if they’re willing to improve and own up to their actions.

Who will be the next Xander Ford?

Marlou has been stripped of the name, but as of now until 2022, he’ll remain a talent of the management, he couldn’t do any unauthorized participation in anything, though. And, of course, he won’t go by ‘Xander Ford’ anymore.

And we kid you not, the management is actually looking for the next ‘much deserving’ Xander Ford to do the ultimate transformation. If you’re interested or know someone who might be, just take a look at this post.

I understand the action of taking back the name. But looking for a new person to play the Xander Ford role doesn’t sit quite right with me. I find it a little off to have people audition for a name that someone else has been known for. If one person was selected, would he want to live by the same name? Then there’s the surgery part. But that’s just me.

Do you think taking back Xander Ford’s name is too much? Or is it just right to do so? What do you think about the search for the new Xander Ford? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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