The issue of overworked artists has already haunted The X-Factor for years. Now, someone dared to speak out and confirm.

John and Edward Grimes, a twin of musicians famously known as ‘Jedward’, caused a stir in social media after speaking out against The X-Factor, Simon Cowell, and the music industry. In a series of tweets, the twins launched a tirade accusing the popular music competition of a slave-like treatment towards its contestants.

The Biggest regret in life was not telling the judges on Xfactor to fuck off,” they wrote on Twitter. “Every contestant on the Xfactor was a slave to the show and got paid Zero while they made millions!

A photo of Jedward from their official Instagram page @jepicpics

The twins also took a swipe at Simon Cowell, calling him “nothing but a bad facelift” in a follow-up tweet. Aside from having been a judge in a variety of talent competitions such as American Idol, the Got Talent franchise, and the X-Factor US and UK, Cowell is also the founder and owner of Syca, the British entertainment company that has handled the careers of One Direction, Little Mix, and Fifth Harmony, among many others.

About Cowell, Jedward wrote, “Simon Cowell thinks he’s the Mafia leader of the music industry when in reality he’s nothing but a bad facelift.” They also ranted about the company, saying, “There’s a reason Syco is called Psycho! 1D and Little Mix are legally fucked in contracts and can never speak out so we are!”

The duo also condemned the music industry in general, accusing it of caring only about the money and not the artists. They also talked about the many struggles of an artist, such as suffering from eating and mental health disorders, and being considered a “threat” for asking too many questions.

“Artists are on the brink of collapse at the end of touring and having to act like everything is ok! Humans can’t be owned Artists shouldn’t be owned!” Jedward wrote.

One Direction and Little Mix are some of the acts whose career was launched by The X-Factor. Shortly after Jedward’s posts erupted online, fans of these two groups immediately joined the tirade, flooding Twitter with tweets demanding justice for their favorite artists. Even Harmonizers, Fifth Harmony’s fandom, took part in the outcry.

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