OPM artist Quest took retaliation from Twitter after expressing his disagreement on same-sex marriage. But the question is, was his statement that offensive? Or we just took it the wrong way?

Issues about the LGBT community, including same-sex marriage, is nothing but a sensitive topic to delve into. It’s easy to call out anyone nowadays, especially in the social media space. And that became a tough lesson for OPM artist Quest who learned it the hard way.

Sometime this week, Quest got engaged in a heated argument on Twitter after his tweet about same-sex marriage. And apparently, some people from Twitter weren’t impressed by his opinions. A fan tweeted to Quest, asking what his thoughts are regarding same-sex marriage. So he did answer. According to Quest, he believes in the Bible, thus, disagreeing with same-sex marriage. However, he pointed out that he still respects the people and the choices they made. In fact, he highlighted that he loves his friends who are members of the LGBT community. And in a recently deleted tweet, he mentioned about “not compromising” one’s belief.

Quest is known for being vocal about his opinions, especially in sensitive topics like politics and human rights. Along those lines, he tends to be open and real about what he has to say on certain issues. So far, no one has put him into the hot seat because of his personal sentiments. However, it appears that his outlook on same-sex marriage blew out of proportion in just a matter of minutes.

Oppression of Gay Rights?

For some people, Quest’s outlook on same-sex marriage was oppressing. And even Saab Magalona, daughter of Francis M., pitched in her two cents regarding the issue. According to Saab, that kind of thinking is the reason why the government isn’t taking action regarding the issue of same-sex marriage. Most of the LGBT members want the option to get married in their homeland. And not to go fly out of the country just to legalize their companionship. And even if you love your gay friends, disagreeing on same-sex marriage kind of off-putting for them.

“Acceptance is different from tolerance”, one Twitter user said. For the LGBT community, marriage is a basic right. It’s easy for straight people to show no care if the government legalizes it or not. Even though we express our love and respect for the LGBT community, it sounds like we’re just tolerating their rights for the sake of it. Saab mentioned that the least we can do is to not declare our disagreement with such a sensitive issue.  Because people would still react and we’ll receive backlash from it, no matter how good our intentions are.

Saab even emphasized that she didn’t intend to call him out on Twitter. She only wants to let Quest why people are reacting negatively about it.

Good intentions, just taken out of context

On the other hand, Quest defended himself. For him, he was asked a question and he answered truthfully. Like always. Despite the backlash and all, he does not want to modify his beliefs just for the people to stop putting him on the spot. He didn’t intend to offend anyone, as he expressed that he still respects the LGBT community. For him, we should be free to believe what we choose to believe. We should not shove our practices, ideas, and beliefs to others, just because we don’t feel the same way. “Everyone deserves their space to exercise their beliefs. I got asked a question if I am for same-sex marriage. I said I don’t agree with it, but everyone is free to choose their beliefs. I will not condemn or ridicule them for believing differently because that’s the beauty of humanity. Living in harmony despite the differences.”, he stated.

Like he first mentioned, he believes in the Bible and that will stay the same. As much as it sounds pretentious to other people, that’s what he chose to believe into. But if someone believes differently, he doesn’t intend to ridicule them or condemn them for believing differently. Instead, he will love them and respect them.

What do you think about Quest’s stand on same-sex marriage? Do you believe the same way or are you all for the legalization of it? Do leave a comment down below or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh