In today’s it-makes-me-sad-to-be-human news, a transphobic song is being called a “full-blown bop”

And yes, it’s probably the song you’re thinking about: ‘Awit’ by Young Vito *facepalms*

Awit by Young Vito

If you’re active on Twitter, you may recognize him. Because it wasn’t that long ago that this boy made waves on the social media site. And no, not the good kind. (So be prepared for a lot of anger in this article.)

This is Young Vito, the singer of the transphobic song ‘Awit’ that went viral last December 2019. And when we say transphobic we’re not even exaggerating. ‘Awit’ by Young Vito is an entire song dedicated to shaming transphobic women for allegedly “tricking” males into thinking they’re “real women”.

And here we thought we left this kind of thinking in 2019. Although he did issue an apology for perpetuating the stigma on his personal Twitter account:

But then earlier today, Viva Records published his song on their official YouTube channel. So is his apology valid? Absolutely not! Especially if he’s profiting off of it!

I guess they realized their mistake a little too late…

We didn’t want to link this article back to the official video on YouTube, but it looks like we won’t be able to at all. Because after releasing the video today, Viva Records took it down this afternoon.

We’re guessing they realized their mistake. Admittedly, a little too late. But we’re honestly just really disappointed that something as disgusting and transphobic as this song is given a platform.

And we just really want to say, where is the karmic justice??? Because there are already enough people out there, who just happen to be transgender, that are having trouble being accepted by family, friends, and society in general without having to deal with close-minded little boys like Young Vito.

“A full-blown bop,” really?

So before the video was taken down, some Twitter users were able to get a screenshot of the description. And we kid you not, they actually called it a “full-blown bop.”

So we’re just generally confused over here. Did they not know what the song was about? Or did they actually think that a song like this is appropriate in 2020? There are just so many questions! So here’s a screenshot of the video description for ‘Awit’ by Young Vito:

Overall, this whole situation is just really disappointing. And we had such high hopes for 2020 too. So can we just all have a little compassion, love, kindness, and acceptance for our fellow humans? We’re just so sick of all the hate.

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