Have you heard about it? The Tony Labrusca and the Philippine Immigration Fiasco has gone viral!

Tony Labrusca is under fire for making a scene at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. He allegedly shouted and cursed at immigration officers. The ‘Glorious‘ actor just arrived from an overseas trip and had an issue with his visa. The Bureau of Immigration gave him 30 days to stay in the country.

“Just landed in Manila and the Philippine immigration only gave me 30 days here. LOL. k” – Tony Labrusca (@tonythesharky)

He tweeted about the experience right after. But after a few hours, a certain Janine Salvador made a detailed post about the fiasco. Both the tweet and the post are now deleted. But netizens screen-captured them for compilation.

In Janine’s now-deleted post, she called out the actor for having “the audacity to shout and curse at my supervisor, bragging that you’re a celebrity”. Immigration officers called out the actor for not having a Philippine passport. Especially when he’s a working actor in the Philippines. Though Tony Labrusca has a Balikbayan visa on hand, it wasn’t a working visa.

According to Janine, a Balikbayan Visa gives “a foreign national spouse/child a visa-free one year stay in the Philippines. But apparently, Tony wasn’t traveling with his family. This makes him ineligible for the Balikbayan visa privileges.

The incident sparked a huge fire in the social media. People are calling him out for his behavior.

Netizens Mixed Opinions

Here are some posts of calling out Tony. It’s all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well.


Some showed their disappointment with Tony. They mentioned that it was very unprofessional of him. Immigration might defer him a visa because of this. (Yikes!)

But there are some who still sided him. One netizen mentioned that Immigration officers shouldn’t have exposed his immigration status.

Well, we still don’t know the whole story about Tony Labrusca and the Philippine Immigration fiasco. Tony hasn’t commented yet. But his dad, Boom Labrusca, has commented on Janine’s post, apologizing.

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