Just a few days of 2019, a piece of sad news shocks the whole local indie music community. Abruptly, Tom Naval leaves Tom’s Story and the reason behind it surprised us.

Last week, Tom Naval announced his departure from Tom’s Story. The heartbreaking news caused a stir among fans in the social media space, confused with the sudden news.

In a Facebook post that Tom wrote, he mentioned that a new year is always a time for a change. “From this day onward, I will no longer be part of the band. I am departing for personal reasons, and will be focusing my time elsewhere.”, Tom wrote. The band has made a statement that Tom’s Story will continue with just Gabba and Degs De Guia. But it wasn’t enough for the whole issue to die down.

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Because of the news of Tom’s sudden departure, an issue accusing Tom of sexual harassment surfaced. The said sexual harassment was pointed out as the reason why Tom left the band. The allegation started a few hours after when an Ana Cerezo commented on the said post. After a few hours, Tom’s Story and A Spur in the Moment Project confirmed that the allegations were true and claimed that they do not tolerate any sexual misconduct.

Ana Cerezo’s revelation

In Ana’s comment, she revealed that Tom took advantage of him while she was knocked out. According to her, it took her 5 long years to come forward because way back 2014, no one listened to her. Her friends turned against her because Tom did not own up to his mistakes.

She said that Tom didn’t admit it until she confronted him about it. Ana narrated that because of that incident, she was treated like a villain and had “endure the consequences of a pain” that were inflicted upon her. Below is Ana Cerezo’s comment on Tom’s departure that sparked another issue on the sexual harassment happening in the local indie music community.

This revelation shocked the whole local indie band community, most especially the band’s fans. In the Twitterverse, a thread about the issue was spreading as it called out Tom Naval’s actions and how it is becoming a problem in the local indie music community.

Fans and non-fans were calling out Tom for his sexual misconduct. One Twitter-user even posted a screenshot of Tom’s message to Ana regarding the issue. It was an apology where Tom saying that he regrets the things he did and being drunk was not a reason to do such a thing.

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Reactions of Fans

But Twitter users were not having any of Tom’s apology. They were disappointed about what happened, especially about someone they admire. Adding fuel to the fire, Tom’s reply appeared to them like a mandatory apology since the issue has gone big. Check out some of the comments from Twitter users.

With all sexual misconduct from local indie band members resurfacing, it’s really high time for a change. We should reflect on Ana’s ending statement, “People make mistakes. People can change. But one cannot make amends until they own up to their mistake, admit it and accept the consequences. This is an opportunity for all parties to let go of the past and start over.”.

So far, the issue has been settled. Gabba and Degs De Guia will be taking a short break but will be back to continue Tom’s Story.

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