Browsing the internet, digging for music will eventually land you into something that’s really nice to your ears or an obscure out of this world genre you’ve never heard of before. But from time to time, you’ll encounter something you have never expected. Kind of like this 4-track self-titled EP by TiradXr entitled “tiradxr”.

This unknown-producer named Tiradxr released a satirical EP with song like “BAKIT ANG TAGAL MO DYAN SA ATM (BILISAN MO MAG WITHDRAW)” which throws punches to people who takes a long time to withdraw money from ATM machines which is probably inspired when the artist is withdrawing money from an ATM on a payday.

This promo video is what hooked me into listening to the EP in the first place. Its witty, funny and low-brow style of design pretty much encapsulates what’s the album about.

The album also has songs like “HINDI YAN TAPSILOG PAG WALANG SINANGAG” (It’s not Tapsilog when there’s no fried rice) and “HINDI KASYA APAT SA GITNA NG FX HINDI DAPAT APAT ANO ‘TO MAGIK FLAKES” (Four passengers couldn’t fit in the middle of an FX. It shouldn’t be four. What is this, Magik Flakes?).

Even how funny the title of these songs are, it’s still relatable into everyone of us as we might have experienced this one way or another. My personal favorite is the track “HINDI YAN TAPSILOG PAG WALANG SINANGAG” as it always happens to me whenever I’m craving for some Tapsilog in the middle of the night. It is infuriating and aggravating to my palate.

To wrap this all up, TiradXr is a genius for this satirical album which throws punches into our everyday pet peeves. This EP will make you angry, laugh or even sob with these harsh realities Tiradxr put into words.