Pinoy hip-hop stars Skusta Clee and Flow G are on the receiving end of criticism after fans of KPOP group BTS called them out for alleged plagiarism.

The Ex Batallion members drew fire on social media when the ARMYs pointed out the striking similarities between a BTS’ song titled “Ddaeng” and the Filipino artists’ newly released single “DEYM.”

Dropped on September 22 this year, “DEYM” by 90’s Gang is a 1-minute rap song aimed at promoting a local clothing brand. “DDAENG (땡),” on the other hand, is a song by BTS performed by the group rappers RM, SUGA, j-hope released in June 2018 via SoundCloud. The Filipino fans of the South Korean boy band have noticed how eerily similar these two tracks sound, and immediately called the attention of the Pinoy rappers for an alleged act of plagiarism.

Plagiarism is defined as a deliberate representation of someone else’s original work or idea without giving credit. Considered as a serious form of ethical offense, it can be punishable by law, depending on the extent of copying.

To date, the ARMYs have been actively raising awareness on Twitter regarding Skusta Clee’s alleged plagiarism. #SkustaCleeIsGoingToJailParty is currently one of the hot trending topics on the social media site. The hashtag #PROTECTSKUSTACLEEATALLCOST, which was initially created to defend the Pinoy rapper, is also seeing an overwhelming amount of tweets coming from enraged BTS fans. Some of the ARMYs are even encouraging everyone to report Skusta Clee’s song for infringement, detailing the necessary steps to take.

If you have never heard of the two songs in question, check them out below and be the judge.



If you didn’t know, this is not the first time the Ex Batallion member faced such allegations. In 2018, the Filipino group was slammed by netizens for allegedly copying the beats of the song “One Kiss” by Diamond Style for “Hayaan Mo Sila.” Looking back, the said song was an OPM hit in the said year. After being reported for copyright infringement, YouTube took down the music video for a period of time.

Since the new allegations made rounds on the internet, Skusta Clee has made his Twitter page private. However, a screenshot of what appears to be the rapper’s response to the issue has been posted by various Twitter users.


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