Shopee is now under fire for allegedly scamming thousands of BLACKPINK fans. On top of this, the event was a total mess!

Shopee topped the charts and became trending on Twitter and other social media platforms, but apparently not in the way they want. Frankly, after reading everything on the internet about the issue, we wouldn’t even know where to begin.

The “promo”

It was just in the middle of last month when Shopee announced that BLACKPINK would be returning to the Philippines for a meet and greet event, but the promo they released was some sort of a gamble. We feel like we need to understand the promo first because it plays a huge role in the issue.

The brand has given a choice of two tickets, the Black and the Pink Tickets. To avail the Pink Tickets, a shopper must go and purchase from YG’s Official Store in Shopee from May 11 to 25 and use the code “SHOPEEXBP” upon checking out. However, it does also say in the mechanics that only the first 150 successful transactions will be honoured for the Pink Ticket. To avail the Black Ticket, on the other hand, a shopper must be one of the top 568 spenders in the site within the given time frame and the top 40 out of those 568 gets a chance to be upstage with the girls and get an autograph.

The event

Even if we did not attend the event, I guess the stories from all the people who were there are enough to say that the event is a total flop. BLINKS weren’t happy, and the members of the band weren’t too. First off, Jennie seemingly ha a panic attack on stage, cried and had difficulty in breathing. None of the staffs attended to her. Second, water was spilt on Lisa. Third, the MC had the audacity to ask why the girls had no energy at all.

Where is the respect? I mean, we get that BLACKPINK is an official Shopee endorser and they were compensated to do it. But still, that is surely no way to treat the talents even so. In my opinion, the talents are the organizers’ responsibility. Not to mention, these are international talents, and they are also Shopee’s biggest endorsers. Removing BLACKPINK from the equation, where can you earn millions of revenue over a single event that lasted for just 40 minutes?

Needless to say, the band is loved in all parts of the world. And the Pinoy BLINKS wouldn’t just shut up about what they witnessed! What happened could also hurt Shopee’s credibility over endorsements as a major company that operates in a global reach when other artists see how they accommodated BLACKPINK that day.

The scam

We already said a lot, but we’re not even on the major problems yet. Capitalizing sales with the promise of meeting BLACKPINK is one thing, but not staying true to the promo is another. Shopee made a very smart move of not actually selling tickets for the meet and greet. They must have figured they’d make more money by having the fans buy items from the site, which is a little off if you think about it. But it is what it is. Business is business, which wouldn’t be a problem if they adhered to the mechanics.

On the day of the event, fans surfaced claiming they spent tens of thousands to avail the tickets but weren’t able to attend the meet and greet. Instead, celebrities and influencers were prioritized (we doubt they spent as much or even spent at all). On top of it, the influencers thought it would be funny to joke about Jennie’s condition on the event. In one of the celebrities’ Instagram live, one said that what happened the event was “sick” and another one remarked, “Like Jennie!” Some tickets which were awarded to certain poster making competitions were taken back without anything but a “Sorry.”

Legal actions

Nothing has been proven yet. But from everything we have been able to read, it couldn’t be just a coincidence, right? As of now, the Department of Trade and Industries is now looking into the incidents and considers possible legal actions if the Shopee organizers were proven guilty.

I guess it goes without saying, the Shopee x BLACKPINK event was a complete fiasco. We couldn’t help but feel bad for the people who allegedly got scammed. What did you think about this event? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh! Good luck!