Who is this person and why is everyone speaking about her?

Her name, her face, and her story are plastered all over social media now. Sam Morales, the most recent name to have been included in the list of the most notorious people in the Philippines today, joining Koko Pimentel and QC Mayor Joy Belmonte. 

A quick summary

Interior Design student Jzan took to Twitter to create the longest thread most of us have ever read in the history of Twitter. But it’s lengthy for a reason: it details the eight long months of abuse she suffered under the manipulative filmmaker named Sam Morales and a guy accomplice who would later identify as “Bill Iver Reyes.”

She started off detailing the beginning of her relationship with guy she met on Tinder named ‘B’. So the two of them flirted, talked, got to know each other personally. Soon, Jzan found herself being emotionally invested in the affair, which became something really close to a long-distance relationship since she lives in Cebu and the guy is in Manila. The next months were a rollercoaster ride of drama, with Bilko building up Jzan only to leave her questioning the relationship they had, again and again. It ended with a plot-twist that it had been Sam Morales all along, chatting with Jzan under the disguise of Bilko. The rare times they’d met in person, Sam had merely forced Bilko to come and cover up the ploy.

Naturally, Jzan was devastated. The whole catfishing thing had taken its toll on her mental health. When she asked Sam why, the answer she got was Sam had been abused by LQBTQ members as a child, and this was her way of seeking revenge.


Jzan’s post on twitter spread like wildfire and triggered thousands of people, especially the LGBTQ community since Jzan is a trans woman. As of this writing, the tag #SamMoralesIsOver is currently number 4 on the trending topics on twitter. Most of Twitter has been criticizing her for using her own trauma to justify causing harm to others. Those in the creative field have been passing her name around warning everyone not to have any business with her. Sam has been labeled as an abuser, a manipulator, a psychopath.

As the issue continues to make noise, several trans women also stepped out of the shadow to testify against Sam Morales, claiming that they, too, have been victimized.

As of this moment, the public is still yet to hear about the side of Sam Morales.

What’s your stand on this issue?

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