Good cop, bad cop. There will always be one, either be it fiction or reality. Maybe, it was too much, maybe it wasn’t. But it was indeed a heated debate against PNP vs Ang Probinsyano.

We just love action drama primetime teleseryes! Even if those who are not much of a fan of the action drama, we surely get into the hype it brings. But lately, because of certain political issues brought by FPJ’s ‘Ang Probinsyano’, the Philippine National Police (PNP) is not amused.

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‘Ang Probinsyano’ is about Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin), a former police officer who turned to the rebels because of the corruption within the force and the government officials. The show has now reached its 3rd year and is one of the longest-running teleserye in the primetime slot. And of course, everyone tunes into it and loves every turn of events of the show. But not PNP.

The Why’s of PNP

Like we’ve mentioned, the show portrays the police force or PNP in such a bad light. Well, technically, that’s how the FPJ version goes. But in today’s time where there has been a lot of tension between the public and the police force and government, it can really be demoralizing.

No offense to the producers and writers, it’s entertainment. It’s fiction, it’s fantasy. The storyline is organic and as creatives, we tend to lean on the relevance of one plot to the current situation. All good, it was. But it has been too much for the PNP.

The show was actually portraying a lot of indecency and corruption inside the police force. The show has, unintentionally, making the tension worse between the public and PNP. It has been a tough year for the administration and for PNP as well. They have a lot in their plate and somehow ‘Ang Probinasyano’ is adding too much fuel to the fire they’re trying to distinguish.

[/media-credit] Ang Probinsyano star Coco Martin (2nd left), PNP Director General Oscar Albayalde, Representatives from MTRCB and ABS-CBN at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding at Camp Crame on November 26, 2018.

“Masyadong di na pangkaraniwan and it gives us a bad impression already. It is unfair when you portray yung ganyang mga activity na hindi nangyayari sa organization namin.”

“Hindi naman natin sinabi na ang ilalabas puro [good things about the PNP, but] what’s reality basically, for the story to be more realistic lang. Pero not necessarily palaging favor sa PNP.” – Philippine National Police chief Director General Oscar Albayalde

Influence of Ang Probinsyano

Despite the show being just fiction, a lot of the viewers get carried away with the show’s plot. Unconsciously, we tend to think that the show portrays the reality we have. Which is not good. Entertainment, especially television, is very influential. It can be a double-edged sword.

We get it, it’s fiction. The story can be anything. But in the era we are living now, everything, and when we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING can and will be an issue to the society, one way or another. The show can backfire to the PNP, no matter how they try to tell that it’s not what they wanted. That’s how it goes.

Even though we say it that it’s for entertainment purposes only, there is still that little spark that can cause a wildfire.

The Verdict

Luckily, things have been sorted out between PNP and the show’s producers and team. The show will try to tune out the plot line that “demoralizes” the police force in such a bad way. Because if they don’t, that will be a court case waiting to happen. And PNP will act as a “consultant” for the show when it’s about the ins and outs of the police force. At least, in this way, the casualty will be lessen and somehow, it will be moderated.

The police force is not all bad. It’s not like what we always see in the movie and television screens. The show’s intention was only to entertain and pick up from what the original story has left off, no harm intended. And despite the indifference that both parties encountered, it was solved.

It just proves that we need to be mature to accept and correct our mistakes and stand up for ourselves. All we need is a little bit of patience and understanding.

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